Welcome to West Ham Till I Die

In my other life I write Britain’s top rated political blog Iain Dale’s Diary. I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a West Ham blog for some time, so I’ve finally bitten the bullet. Let’s face it, there’s enough to write about at the moment! I’ve no idea what the blog will become. My other blog gets around 12,000 hits a day, but I’m not expecting this to be as successful, but you never know! I’ll use the blog to vent my frustrations, give tactical advice to Alan Curbishley should he need it (!), talk about transfer gossip, give match reports, player analysis and whatever takes my fancy. Those who know me from my other blog can expect a similar mix of comment, humour, analysis and gossip. At least here I can swear more. So do join in the comments, and welcome to the blog.


6 Responses to Welcome to West Ham Till I Die

  1. RMR says:

    This is good news. I saw from KUMB and your political blog you were also a West Ham fan. Billy Blagg over on WHO just wrote a nice little piece about the troubles of supporting the Irons and a guy who just gave up supporting them. Well as much as I may despair at the all-too-frequent lows, I guess once a Hammer, always a Hammer……..

    So if you were to select your best West Ham team from the players you’ve seen – who would be the eleven?

  2. Steve Horgan says:

    Good for you Iain. As a fellow Tory and West Ham supporter I look forward to your views and shared agony.

  3. So how many blogs is that now Iain? Three, four..?;-)

  4. COLIN MORHEN says:

    Really enjoyed reading your blog , it cheered me up as I have just got in from the Watford FA Cup tie , I have never seen such a pile of xxxx on the Upton Park pitch , Curbishley is spending well , but , thats it , he is definately the wrong man , after a few weeks in charge and spending a few bob the team is going backwards , no one is interested , REO-COKER might as well be sold for what good he is , the only two players who seemed interested in playing were Bobby ZAMORA and Christian DAILLY . There was a guy with two kids sitting in front of me , they should have their money refunded , absolute disgrace !!

  5. pete says:

    we survived, top eight next season lets be proud of the boys whufc for ever

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