Curbs Gets Mad & Defends Reo Coker

It’s rare that a Premiership manager holds a press conference and refuses to answer questions, but that’s just what Alan Curbishley did this evening after the win against Brighton (more on that later). Here’s the transcript…

“Before we get going, a lot has been said over this last week,” began the normally mild-mannered Curbishley, who spent 15 seasons at Charlton and took over at Upton Park last month. Perhaps I have realised I am at a different club than before because a lot of the stuff has been spun around and used in different ways. I am very disappointed with some of the coverage of certain things I have said. I want to clear a couple of things up. I have been here four weeks nearly and am outraged at the criticism which Reo-Coker has received since I have been here. It as if it is his fault we are in the bottom three and have not been performing that well, which is total nonsense. I would just like everyone connected with West Ham – I cannot have any influence over yourselves – to leave him alone. He is a young boy and it is not his fault. It is easy to pick on people and he has been picked on. In the press conference yesterday I was asked directly what sort of player I was going to bring in. I did say people like Luis Boa Morte, someone who is experienced, who could come into the club, go into the first team and not be phased by the situation we are in. Then I was asked about the fact there was a lot of activity this summer. I did say ‘yes there had been a lot of activity in the summer, and really when you look at the players who have been brought in during the summer, not many of them have established themselves in the first team. That was the Argentinian boys who have not really established themselves, John Pantsil and Tyrone Mears have not had a chance really, certainly not under me. Lee Bowyer and Jonathan Spector have been in and out. Robert Green has just got in, but was rested today. It has been spun around that I have been blaming all of the players who came in this summer for our problems and our troubles. That has been completely spun around. I am so disappointed with the headlines. I have just been informed about it. So I would like you to print what I have said. I am not blaming any of the players who have been brought in during the summer. I would not do that.What I did say was the players who came in during the summer have perhaps not gone straight into the side and established themselves, which is probably what the club needed, and is what the club needs now. That is why I have been looking to bring experienced players in who can go into this sort of situation and deal with it. I would like you to print that – and that is the end of my press conference.”


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