Matthew Rush: Where are They Now?

Matthew Rush was one of my favourite players in the mid 1990s. I remember a couple of spectacular goals he scored against Ipswich and Norwich (I think!). Anyone know what he is up to nowadays?

UPDATE: The Norwich City Ex Players Site (why haven’t we got one of these?!) gives Matthew’s career progression until 2002. Anyone know what became of his after that? I suspect THIS wasn’t part of it!


24 Responses to Matthew Rush: Where are They Now?

  1. Matt says:

    I remember going to watch a WHU reserves match over at Fords Utd with a few friends and being the mouthy teenagers that we were kept bursting into song. “Rushy for England, Rushy for England” to which he replied “would be a bit hard, I’m Irish”

    Oh how we laughed.

  2. beth says:

    well, there is a pe teacher at my school called matthew rush, who used to play for westham!!!! but i dont nop if it is him or not…..

  3. Mike Wood says:

    theres a P.E teacher at my school called Matthew Rush and he played for West Ham. Hes pretty good as well.

  4. Sarah says:

    Yeh he’s a pe teacher now after a knee injury.

  5. Anonymous says:

    mike u wanker hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha haha sarah hatt haha

  6. Bizzle says:

    He’s my for tutor, Safe Guy!!!!!

  7. blueeyes904 says:

    He is really cool, i know him, he’s my p.e teacher! He now works for a school and keeps telling everyone about playing with norwich and west ham 😛 He’s great!

  8. joe says:

    mathew rush is a P.E teacher at my school and is mint at footy

  9. angel says:

    hollo matthew continue being as only you are and do not take any comment about you into account be happy and fun.

  10. EDDIEMOSS says:


  11. bob robinson says:

    reading this has inspired me to ask you lot if you know how anton outoulowkowski (hope the spellings right?) is doing. i was at the barnsley game way back then, when barnsley were a third div side and we drew them in the league cup. they played us off the park for an hour, and anton was outstanding. we ended up scoring 3 late goals to win the tie, and bought anton later in the season. he was only about 5 feet 4, but never stopped running. i really dont know what happend to him after that but i would say he never was a regular in the side, any info would be appreciated.

  12. jordan says:

    rushy yeah he was my pe teacher absorlute ledgend hes gone to spain now because his daughter got a scholorship in tennis, great guy!!!

  13. Carla says:

    matthew Rush is a substitute teacher at my school in Barcelona, Spain.
    He’s also our soccer trainer for the girl’s team…
    puto amo ! 🙂 a k si moni? jajaj

  14. Anna Ferrer says:

    eso eso!! ese rushh!!
    i didn’t know he was THAT famous hahaha

  15. senor sombrello says:

    Si el ser un la profesor a un la escuela en Madrid !

  16. zhoweee &+ emma-leiighh says:

    he taught at marple hall secondary school 🙂 but then later moved on to spain for his daughters tennis requirments 🙂

  17. robynn x says:

    heee myy pe teacher at schoool ( blenheim high schoool ) .
    hess a jokerrr

  18. Nicola says:

    hes a supply teacher at my schoool

    blenheim high school

  19. stuart says:

    any1 got any links to some of his goals i remember his goals against Ipswich i was their COYI

  20. bob says:

    Blimey Rushy must be earning a mint working as pe teacher at all these schools, wouldn’t like his daily regime flitting around all these schools worldwide poor sod, but then I suppose if he’s fit enough, peoples imagination never ceases to amaze me, pmsl.

  21. gobblegoop says:

    he is my pe teacher he works at blenheim high school he is so cool

  22. alexx says:

    Matt Rush is a temp PE teacher at Blenheim High School, trying to get him to play in the sixth form team.

  23. abbiie says:

    he is a pe techer at mii school blenheim high!!! safe man

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