Where are the West Ham Blogs?

When I started this blog I thought there must be dozens of other West Ham blogs out there. Apparently not. Anyone know of any I can add to the blogroll? And if anyone wants to link to this site, please do!


18 Responses to Where are the West Ham Blogs?

  1. Let me be the first comment on the blog. You are a real glutten for punishment Mr Dale. Not only supporting the Hammers – but now blgging about then! Keep fighting the fight!

  2. Chris P says:

    Agree with Jonathan. Except on spolling. Glutton for punishment is right. Going down, going down, going down etc

  3. James Clark says:

    Well, errrr, there’s this one!

  4. Ed Thomas says:

    Iain I must confess- I am a Hammers fan. Have been since I was nine just over twenty years ago. It was the McAvennie/Cottee era that hooked me, and it’s been a bumpy down, up and downhill ride since then.

    This season’s pretty much out of the West Ham academy- incredible promise, wonderful players, out-of-luck management, and crap results. The suspense of this season! I expect us to go down in third from bottom place- but then, I tend to err on the safe side with West Ham predictions. We certainly have the players to stay up.

  5. Iain Dale says:

    James, I have now added your link to my blogroll – hope you will reciprocate.
    Chris, so original. Not.
    Ed, you are far too pessimistic…

  6. Kerron says:

    Skuds has had a West Ham themed political blog for some time:


  7. Ash-WHUFC says:

    check out my West Ham forum….nearly 600 members and nearly a year old..

    lots of chat, banter and news..


    Ash(The Forum Administrator)

  8. Iain Dale says:

    Ash, if you click on that link you don’t get any further… It says you have to be registered and yet I can’t see any way of registering as a new user.

  9. Skuds says:

    I prefer to think of it as a politically-themed West Ham blog Kerron. Or something.

  10. hammertime says:

    Just thought I’d point out that my blog – found at http://hammertime.wordpress.com is in fact Swedish, and not Finnish. Easy mistake when you don’t speak the lingo…

    Keep up the good work, I read your blog with interest.

  11. Tom says:


    we are a supporters club from Germany. please took us on your Homepage (Blogroll).

    Sauerland Hammers

  12. Ian – nice blog. I have linked to my own, The H List – http://thehlist.blogspot.com/

    Keep up the good work

  13. David King says:

    Ian. thanks for linking my blog. Have done the same for you. Anyone else visiting my site, I look forward to your comments


  14. After all the diabolical tevez reporting I decided to start a football blog – mostly about West Ham:- http://waldorfstatler.blogspot.com/ still mucking around with the format though so haven’t quite gotten to a blog roll yet. Yours will be there when I do. (hope you’re right about defoe too – bit wasted at Spurs at the moment)

  15. Rooster says:

    Mine is http://ironworker.wordpress.com/ i stared it 26th of August, Its called C’Mon yu irons.

    Thanks Iain


  16. Ben says:

    Not a West Ham blog but a place for finding hotels near football stadiums. Here is the West Ham page:

  17. Rooster says:

    Hi Iain

    Posted this once already, just wondered if you read it yet.

    Mine is http://ironworker.wordpress.com/ i stared it 26th of August, Its called C’Mon yu irons.

    I have your site on my blog

    Thanks Iain


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