Hammers on MySpace

Social networking communities are all the rage at the moment. MySpace seems to be the market leader. Indeed, I signed up to it last week and have a profile HERE. So it seems do Bobby Zamora and Igor Stimac. The thing with MySpace is that it is quite difficult to work out if the sites are genuine, but these two certainly appear to be. Igor Stimac informs us that he has had more lovers than Hugh Hefner, while Bobby Z tells us “This is my fucking club, my fucking club”. For how much longer remains to be seen…


3 Responses to Hammers on MySpace

  1. TWBubbles says:

    I don’t think most of those MySpace sites are real.

    If you click on the links for the latest blog entry for Zamora’s space, and Teddy, Harewood, Konchesky etc, you’ll find that none of them have ever logged in.

    Not surprising really, you wouldn’t expect a public figure to expose themselves to the abuse/insults etc that they’d be subjected to.

  2. Ash-WHUFC says:

    I have them all added…obviously they arent real but it doesnt matter…West Ham chat all over them.
    I’d also recommend the West Ham official myspace…lots of chat and hammers fans

  3. mac says:

    In a macabre way it’s actually become laughable. The whole Argie, Eggert, Pards, Curbo mess has been like some rubbish Eastenders plotline. Listening to Curbs after the game it’s quite clear he’s no clue whatsoever how to get us out of this. Holy cow, how bad can this get? The tight unit that began the season has been forced apart, there’s now no central team spirit, no guile, no semblance of anyone knowing what to do. We’re a shambles. A complete and utter shambles, nose-diving to relegation. I see us finishing bottom with the run in we’ve got. Maybe it’s what we deserve.

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