If West Ham Scored as Often as This Blog…

Well, in the words of David Coleman as impersonated by Rory Bremner, “quite astonishing”. According to WordPress, this is the 32nd most popular blog on WordPress today. And it hasn’t been going for 24 hours yet! 1200 hits so far (including 269 referrers via the excellent KUMB forum). Unbelievable.


6 Responses to If West Ham Scored as Often as This Blog…

  1. leon says:

    Well done, now all you need to do is more your other blog to WP and the world will be good again.;)

  2. Gordon Broon says:

    Surely ‘quite remarkable’ ?

  3. Gnom says:

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  4. Your Google Page Rank is 3. There is a long road to go for you.

  5. AtteleFexnon says:

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  6. AtteleFexnon says:

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