Pete May is Wrong on Konchesky

The great thing about football matches is that 30,000 people can watch them and have 30,000 different views of player performances. Pete May (author of HAMMERS IN THE HEART), for example, thinks Paul Konchesky has been hammer of the Season so far. Excuse me? This is what he’s written in today’s Observer… “Only Konchesky and Sheringham have played to their potential”. He selects Konchesky as his “star man” of the season so far. If he had written that this time last year I’d have agreed with him, but not now. Going forward he has shown a dire lack of crossing ability and defensively he has also been shown wanting on occasions. Don;t get me wrong, I’m an admirer of his, but for Pete May to pick him as the best player this season so far is a travesty.


12 Responses to Pete May is Wrong on Konchesky

  1. Peter R says:

    I agree with you , Konchesky’s play has been pretty average all season. His distribution consists of long balls pumped up the line to no one in particular.

  2. Russell Corr says:

    Have to agree with you there Iain. Surprised to see Pete say that as he is a good writer when it comes to West Ham. Pretty clear to see Konch has been way below his best this season.

  3. Do the Arsenal know you’re here yet Iain?

  4. Iain Dale says:

    UK Daily Pundit, er, not yet. For those who wonder what he means by this, check out this thread on my other blog and you’ll understand…

    It attracted 82 comments and I got called a c*** many times over.

  5. Iain Dale says:

    UK Daily Pundit is referring to this post at my other gaff… It’s not for the fainthearted!

  6. Rodders says:

    Bloody hell, he’s not the only one who can’t cross. I haven’t seen anyone get the ball past the near post. all season

  7. Footblogger says:

    Was it Pete May or Brian May? I can only assume it’s Brian and the lacquer from his perm has got into his eyes, as Konchesky has been about as much use as a dictionary to a dog this season.

    Good luck with your blog, Iain.

  8. c tevez says:

    is he having a laff??

  9. c tevez says:

    rodders … see boa morte

  10. ian says:

    Perhaps that depends on what you think Konchesky’s and Sheringham’s potential is. Maybe, respectively, being a mediocre defenderm and doddering around on a zimmer frame is achieving their potential.

  11. Matt says:

    Spot on, Iain. Konch has been complete shite. Had big hopes for him when he arrived at West Ham and, to be fair, he had a pretty decent last season but so far this season he’s been shocking.

  12. slim tim says:

    All I can say is that when the other regular observer writer re-appears his opinion will be very different to Pete Mays. Its all about opinions and my opinion of konch is far removed from Petes, I think he has contributed absolutely nothing this season and him and the labouring Etherington have made our left side into the worst in the prem, yes you can say he puts in effort but what else? His positional play is terrible, his distribution appalling and he cant cross the ball for toffee, so what exactly does he contribute?

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