Sunday Newspaper Gossip

NEWS OF THE WORLD reports that Nigel Reo Coker has handed in a transfer request with Spurs the most likely destination. Teddy Sheringham is said to be unhappy at being used as a sub (Christ, he is 40!) and is interesting our old mate Mr Pardew at Charlton. Zamora is interesting Reading while Harewood and Mullins could join Sheringham at Charlton. West Ham will also listen to offers for Ferdinand, Konchesky and Benayoun. They say Curbs has been given an eye-watering £35 million to spend with Upson, Viduka and Bent as the top targets. The MAIL ON SUNDAY says Reo Coker ahs asked West Ham not to price him out of the market and sepculates on a £5 million bit from Spurs. They say Nogel Quashie will sign for £2 million for West Brom on Tuesday. The SUNDAY TIMES says that if we fail to get SWP, Paris Saint Germain winger Fabrice Pancrate is next in line to be targetted. Arsenal defender Lauren and Anthony Gardner of Spurs are also on the Hammers shopping list. THE OBSERVER says that former West Ham defender Elliott Ward, who was sold to Coventry for a paltry £1 millio in the summer, is interesting Fulham, for the same price. Personally I never understood the logic of selling him. He performed brilliantly alongside Anton in the Championship. THE MIRROR says we are about to bid £10 million for Joey Barton and £5 million for Tal Ben Haim. Yossi is said to be going t’other way. Remember, Allardyce tried to sign him at the time he signed for West Ham.


2 Responses to Sunday Newspaper Gossip

  1. Aidan says:

    I’ve been impressed with Reo-Coker in the past, and would have liked Spurs to sign him when he was very assured and skilful at such a young age, for Wimbledon. But not quite sure whether he’s entirely necessary for us now – unless you want Murphy/Tainio/Ghaly//and/or-a-cast-of-thousands-more in return? Gardner wouldn’t be a surprise departure to West Ham, though Ward does look good too – whether Coventry would tolerate selling another of their rare ‘stars’, after McSheffrey went against Adams’s wishes – well, anyway…

    How about Teddy for Tottenham one more time…?

  2. Rodders says:

    I was sorry to see Ward leave. He was solid and reliable. Never one you’d want as a ball playing centre back a la Franz Beckenbaeur but he could clear the ball into row ZZ when required. And he wasn’t up his own a*rse like some of the current incumbents.

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