What Price Anton?

The Daily Mail is reporting this evening that Chelsea and Spurs won’t meet West Ham’s £7 million valuation of Anton Ferdinand. Well thank Christ for that. Anton is by no means the finished article, and obviously relishes the jack the lad lifestyle, but he could be as good, if not better than his brother. We shouldn’t even be contempating selling him. But if we do, it would be criminal to let him go for less than £9 million.

It seems to me that we are not exactly overburdened with central defenders. Collins and Gabbidon aren’t fit, Dailly is a bit shaky and apart from the young James Tomkins, that’s, er, it. Why on earth would we want to sell one of our biggest talents?


4 Responses to What Price Anton?

  1. joe blogg says:

    Yeah but can he remeber to piss in a bottle?

  2. joe blogg says:

    Errrrrr…….that should be ‘remember’.

  3. John T says:

    I agree he’s worth more than £7m, but surely the reason we want rid is that he’s one of the ringleaders of the ‘gangsta style’ group that is ruining the team from within with it’s partying, bling and fast cars lifestyle?

  4. Cian says:

    John T, i take your point about the bad influence but this was bound to happen. We have too many young players. They’ve all just been handed HUGE salaries in the last year together and without any stable influence. (Teddy just isn’t, lets be fair!) Remember the manager also came into the big time at the same time so he was probably no better! We cannot blame players for wanting to enjoy the fruits of their hard work last year BUT without having some seasoned pros in the first team that have level heads, these young players have no one to look up to. If we get 3 or 4 players more like LBM they will give the younger players someone to look up to and some sensible role models.

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