Can Pardew Clear Up Curbishley’s Mess?

Stephen Howard has written, on the face of it, a very worrying article in THE SUN this morning (can’t find a link on their website sadly). It’s all about the mess Alan Curbishley left behind at Charlton. When he left at the end of last season Charlton had only won four in eighteen games and only scored thirteen goals. Three of Charlton’s four strikers (Bartlett, Jeffers and Johansson) were out of contract and each of the first choice midfielders were over thirty years old. Howard says his youth policy had failed to produce a first team player since Scott Parker, Paul Konchesky and Joe Fortune. He then says that of the six players Curbishley ‘named and shamed’ last week three of them were players he knows well from Charlton (Spector, Bowyer and Cole).

If you read it like that, you have to wonder why we appointed him, but I think Stephen Howard ignores his achievements over fifteen years at Charlton. It’s true that Curbishley’s last season at Charlton was not one where they covered themselves in glory, but we all get jaded after too long in a job.


3 Responses to Can Pardew Clear Up Curbishley’s Mess?

  1. Footblogger says:

    I think taking his final season in isolation is a touch unfair on Curbs – even Man Utd went into freefall when Fergie said he was quitting at the end of the season. The three strikers you mention are all crap, and wouldn’t have merited a new contract. Plus the one remaining striker was Darren Bent, who should have gone to the World Cup. No mean feat at Charlton.

    Neither did I see Curbs ‘name and shame’ Spector, Bowyer and Cole. The only one he seemed to be having a pop at was Anton and his Baby Bentley.

  2. Ronners says:

    Curbs did a great job at Charlton, keeping a middling team in the middle of the table, so I think you’ve got the right man for the job Iain. Joshing aside, your gain is England’s loss, he would have made a good manager for the national side.

  3. Aitch says:

    I have been utterly amazed at the venom of some articles relating to West Ham recently – and to Alan Curbishley. Rumour had it we were ‘everyone’s second team’ and Curbishley was reveered for keeping Charlton in the top flight on very little resource. Not as far as the press are concerned apparently.

    Over the past week the ‘gentleman of the press’ have gotten their knives out with a vengance hitting out at all things West Ham – Danny Kelly even having a go at West Ham fans in The Times – talk about kick you when you’re down (not too surprising I suppose). Obviously factual, subjective and balanced views go out of the window when it comes to football journalism. But I was astonished to read the programme for the Palace/Swindon match on Saturday -passed on to me by chance – a two page article written by Ian Hart (who is he??) entirely about West Ham’s current ills and woes, factually inaccurate (he couldn’t even get the day of the Reading game right) and implying West Ham was on the point of imploding! You could hear him rubbing his hands in glee as you read the article. What on earth Palace and/or Swindon fans made of it I can’t imagine – I’m sure I’d be cheesed off to find two pages of vitriol about Palace in my West Ham programme.

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