Is Quashie Better Than What We’ve Got?

So what do people know about Nigel Quashie? Frankly I can’t ever recall seeing him play. It’s not a signing I can get very excited about and I am not sure how he fits into Curbishley’s strategy of signing players who will automatically walk straight into the first team. Can anyone say that Quashie is better than Reo Coker or Mullins and keep a straight face? If so, why has he only ever played for second rate teams like QPR, Portsmouth and West Brom? Please, someone, convince me of his quality and tell me I am wrong! And if he replaces Mark Noble against Fulham I shall start having severe doubts…


5 Responses to Is Quashie Better Than What We’ve Got?

  1. phil fenton says:

    This signing baffles me also. We now seem to have an abundance of midfield players unless Reo-Coker, Mascherano and Etherington are already on there way out.
    Seems to me we should be concentrating on a right back (never understood why we let Scaloni go) and cover for centre back.

  2. Betty Swollocks says:

    Remains to be seen but, what have we got?

    Not exactly high flyers at the moment are they?

  3. Darren says:

    If Quahie gets in the team and noble gets dropped after a inspired performance last saturday, i will be very confused about curbs judgement

  4. Ed Thomas says:

    Well it’s the pressure to act NOW, isn’t it? Curbishley coming in as he has is bound to make for panic buying. I do think West Ham tend to buy older players, and I think it’s silly to buy players to walk into the first team. It’s a massive vote of no confidence in the existing players, leads to insecurity and upsets teamwork. Of course to this rule there are exceptions, but I don’t think now is the time. Why not try getting on with the players he’s got, and making some relationships work for a change?

  5. Krinkle says:

    Big admirer of Quashie – although I read the other day that he has been relegated four times so you boys better start paraying!

    He’s strong, a great engine, keeps the ball well and has perhaps the hardest shot I’ve ever seen. He’ll do a good job and is a solid pro – will make a change from the shirking primadonnas who appear to have got you into the position you now occupy.

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