Let’s Beat Watford at the First Attempt

So it’s the Happy Hornets in the fourth round then. Only just found out after a rather extended lunch! Labour blogger Kerron Cross seems to be relishing the battle. I went to Vicarage Road earlier in the season and would pray that we don’t have to go there again. It has to be the worst ground in the Premiership and Championship bar none. Oops, sorry, forgot Layer Road.


3 Responses to Let’s Beat Watford at the First Attempt

  1. Noelinho says:

    ‘Ere, Layer Road and Vicarage Road are my two favourite grounds! Kenilworth Road, on the other hand…

    I can confidently predict that Watford will comfortably win this one. Yes, I may be severely deluded, but Watford will win – and win well.

  2. Mark says:

    As a Watford fan, the most surprising think to me it hasnt been taken as one of the Live TV games, the BBC`S choice of games is rather strange to say the least. I mean Chelsae v Notts Forest at Stamford Bridge really, if it was at the City Ground, I could understand it all very odd!!!!
    I would like to ticket iI could get a ticket but getting tickets for away games is a joke.
    Did maange the Fulham away game on New Years Day, but that was in Fulhams “Netural area” which is really both fans mixed

  3. Mark says:

    You not been to Luton’s dump then?

    At least you ger a roof over your head in the away end at Vicarage Road unlike Fratton park.

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