The Mystery of Mascherano

It remains a mystery to me as to why Javier Mascherano is unmable to get into the West Ham team. His pedigree is undeniable, with many Argentinians believing he is the best player in their national team. In his first game for the Hammers against Palermo he was the best player on the pitch by far. He tackled hard and sprayed the ball round the field like Hoddle in his prime. But since then he has struggled to get a look in under either Pardew or Curbishley.

Now Juventus and Liverpool want to sign him. So let’s get this right. He’s good enough for two of the biggest clubs in Europe but is not fit to grace even our subs bench.

Am I alone in thinking that there’s more to this than meets the eye? I detect the hand of Kia J at work here.#end


7 Responses to The Mystery of Mascherano

  1. Spalpeen says:


    What are your thoughts on Russell Brand’s Sports column in the Saturday Guardian? He seems to agree with you on Mascherano at least. Another celebrity hammers fan.

  2. RMR says:

    …but if the hand of Kia J is at work here, why is Tevez getting more playing/bench time? Whats the difference between them? I think this may be more an issue of player unrest. A case of Tevez being OK with being at the Boleyn this season but Masch is not.

    Curbs indication that Mascherano had been and remains injured seemed dubious when he stated it as an after the fact justification for his selection.

    There is obviously more here – as it stands West Ham are paying Masch 40k a week and not playing a guy whose would be first choice for many much better placed clubs. And one that you’d think a new manager would want to play if his short term aim was to gain enough points to avoid relegation (what happens later is way less important)

    The one logical suggestion is that not playing him is a way to force FIFA to allow him to move in the window, but Eggy and Curbs statements and the injury declaration would seem to run counter to that intent.

    I wonder if we’ll ever know the full MSI-Tevez-Masch story?

  3. Kris says:

    Roy Keane said in his autobiography that he regretted giving Veron such a hard time. Roy explains in his book that he thinks it takes foreign players about a year to adapt to the English game, culture and climate.

    It’s like Chelsea expecting miracles with Ballack and Shevchenko.

    Everyone wants instant answers- your boys should have kept Pardew and had him sling the party boys out in the January transfer window. The opposite has happened- same shit, different day at West ham.

    Even Uncle Roy has recently conceded that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

  4. TONY MCNULTY says:

    Not only do I thoroughly enjoy the political blog – but now I must be in heaven . A thoughtful and erudite blog all about West Ham. I have been a West ham fan for 40 years or more. I am a geographic cheat – in the sense that I am a West London boy through and through and should be Chelsea or QPR , but as I grew up in the 60s around Notting Hill/Ladbroke Grove I got heartily fed up with the non-stop spin about how clever, successful and oh-so-swinging sixties these teams were supposed to be (alright I know I was only 8 years old!) So, as I tell freinds with relish, once West Ham won the World Cup in 1966 it was the only team for me and has been ever since. Currently, when constituency business allows, you will find me at as many home games as I can and the occasional away game – Dr.Martens Stand Upper Tier season ticket holder. The very best of luck with ‘West Ham Till I Die.’ The political blog is excellent – once I ignore the ‘blue tilt’.
    Best wishes

    Tony McNulty

  5. HEz51 says:

    Eg has indicated already that when he saw the contracts the two Argies had he nearly had a heart attack such were the bizarre stipulations they included. I suspect we have to pay Kia each time they play a game, something Broiwn wouldn’t have cared about since he fully expected Kia to be buying the club anyway. As it is, they are prepared to dole out for the odd game friom tevez since he has more match winning potential. Just a theory.

  6. David B says:

    I thought Mascherano had already signed for Liverpool. I read comments somewhere that he’d already met the team, had his medical etc and it’s now up to the lawyers to sort out the problem with FIFA. Not that I’m complaining. After last night’s dismal display against Arsenal, we need players of his calibre. But I was wondering if we could have Tevez as well if you don’t want him. 🙂

  7. Bawheid says:

    Tony – you started chose to support a team when it won the cup? You’re supposed to be born into supporting a team. You little glory hunter. Are you Chelsea in disguise?

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