Why Are We Signing Old Players?

I really don’t want to start off this blog by whining all the time, but I cannot see the point of signing Freddie Ljungberg. We should be signing players on their way up, not those who are sliding into mediocrity. And for £7 million there are better prospects around. Fl is very injury prone and is said to be plagued by migraine attacks. He’s also 29. Quashie is 28, Smertin is 31. I thought our days of buying players beyond their sell by date had gone. Apparently not.


7 Responses to Why Are We Signing Old Players?

  1. Betty Swollocks says:

    Not easy to attract “players on their way up” when we’re looking at relegation.

    If you were a 23 y/o Premiership star, would you want to risk playing in the C’ next year?

    I imagine the aim at the moment is to sign willing experienced players who can help us avoid the drop.

  2. ltaylor says:

    I make Betty Swollocks right – we need experience and grit right now. The downside of our squad being very young is they don’t have any experience of this to dig deep mentally to win games

  3. Footblogger says:

    There’s more chance of Dailly bagging a hat-trick, against Chelsea, than Ljungberg signing for us.


  4. Greezy Pimp says:

    My concern is the price we are paying for these players, they may be a short term fix but when Eggy stops putting his hand in his pocket we are left with no assets to sell to rebuild the team Boa Morte, Quashie, Smertin and Ljungberg would not even realise half what we have spent on them in 2 years time.

  5. Icelandic Hammer says:

    Eggert has stated to Icelandic media today that we have NOT made a bid for Ljungberg.

    There is no information on whether a bid may be forthcoming, but reports of a 7 mill bid appear to be pure speculation.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Its not a case of worrying about us signing older players the emphasis should be on staying up, and if that means signing players who are maybe coming to an end in terms of playing then so be it

  7. Kris says:

    Kanu and Sol Campbell seem to have a new lease on life since leaving Arsenal. You’d be lucky to pick up Freddy.

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