An England Team of Hammers

In an idle moment I scribbled down an England team of current and former West Ham players…

1. Robert Green
2. Paul Konchesky
3. Rio Ferdinand
4. John Terry
5. Glen Johnson
6. Michael Carrick
7. Frank Lampard
8. Trevor Sinclair
9. Dean Ashton
10.Joe Cole
11.Jermain Defoe

Anyone I have missed out? And yes I know Dean Ashton hasn’t actually got a cap yet, but he was in a squad and if SWP hadn’t hurt him he would have played. So there!#end


16 Responses to An England Team of Hammers

  1. Ed Thomas says:

    Would you really recommend Robert Green ahead of say, Ludek Miksloko? I don’t really know (bit lacking in viewing the Hammers at the mo), but surely Green’s shipped a heck of a lot of goals recently?

  2. Lrdzz says:

    David James…for the bench?

  3. Greezy Pimp says:

    Probably a better keeper Ed but crucially not English. Also by the looks of Iains list they are all still playing otherwise I’d go for Parks over Green.

  4. Iain Dale says:

    Ed Thomas, er yes, because the criteria is current or former Hammers who have played for England. Ludo is Czech.

  5. ian says:

    When was John Terry a hammer?

  6. Ernesto says:

    ‘Scuse me….when did John Terry play for the Hammers?

  7. Iain Dale says:

    Re John Terry – pretty sure he was with us as a schoolboy. Or maybe I was thinking he was because he supported us as a kid. I’m sure someone out there will know definitiely. here’s hoping the egg remains off my face…!

  8. James Tumbridge says:

    I think John Terry never played for West Ham, he’s from Barking and was a fan, and I think his father had a link to the club. He played sunday league with several (then) future Hammers, but joined Chelsea’s youth team at 14

  9. Lee Mason says:

    Terry was here as a schoolboy, we however didnt think he would cut it and let him leave to Chealsea. He used to be a central midfielder whilst at West Ham too(like Rio)

  10. guy says:

    terry wasn’t at west ham. oh well.

  11. Ed Thomas says:

    You know Iain it was one of those occasions where I really wished I’d paused a second longer before posting… 🙂

    But I just thought Ludo was awesome. I suppose the first name i thought of was David James, but I couldn’t myself recommend him.

    Oooh, ooh, but what about the amazing Phil Parkes? I know he played for England, and he was a very good goalkeeper, as I am sure you’ll remember.

  12. Ed Thomas says:

    But I guess you really meant still playing. However, Phil Parkes probably still does play, on days when he’s not out with the grandchildren somewhere. 🙂

  13. ian says:

    Schoolboy, huh? Does that mean a list of the greatest ever Spurs players would read.

    David Beckham


  14. Chris C says:

    Checking on Terry was my first move. Wikipedia says:

    “Terry was born in Barking, East London and attended Eastbury Comprehensive School. Before being spotted by Chelsea, he played for Sunday League Team Senrab F.C. This team featured many future stars of the English game, including, Bobby Zamora and Paul Konchesky (both of whom now play for West Ham United), Ledley King (of Tottenham) and Jlloyd Samuel (of Aston Villa). Terry joined Chelsea’s youth system at 14, playing for the club’s Youth and Reserve teams as a midfielder initially. It was due to a shortage of central defenders that he was moved to centre-half and hasn’t looked back.”

  15. mark w says:

    Surely Trevor Brooking would make the first 11!!!

    re the Terry debate, I saw Tony Carr on Football Focus last year and when asked to name his best Tony Carr trained 11 named Terry. He went on to say that Terry was with us as as a school boy but was released. The link to him is tenuous I admit, but it is there.

  16. mark w says:

    Just realised you meant current players… so perhaps Sir Trevor should manage the team instead.

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