Careless Talk Costs Players

Alan Curbishley said a couple of weeks ago that he thought some players wouldn’t want to join a team threatened with relegation. Talk about a self fulfilling prophesy. Instead of engaging mouth before brain, Curbishley should be talking up our prospects rather than talking them down. Shaun Wright-Phillips now looks to be a lost cause, and according to reports this morning, Smertin is on his way to Fulham. I won’t shed any tears over that one.

My other moan of the morning concerns Lauren. He is a very good player, but the fact of the matter is we have four perfectly good right backs in Spector, Paintsil, Mears with Dailly as backup. Spector has been one of our best players this season.

We should be concentrating on finding a.centre back. Matthew Upson would do very nicely thank you.#end


2 Responses to Careless Talk Costs Players

  1. Russell Corr says:

    Iain, i think right back has been one of our problem areas all season. When the Luke Young deal fell through Pardew proceded to sign 3 right backs that in all honesty were not Premiership quality and we have suffered for it. I agree Spector has come on leaps and bounds after a slow start and, like Mears, has potential, but at this level you need proven performers especially in a relegation dog fight.

    Spector and/or Mears should have been the back up to a Luke Young type player in my opinion. Personally I think Lauren could turn out to be a good short term signing

  2. David King says:

    Anybody who thinks that Spector ,Mears, Paintsil are perfectly good right backs probably believe that West Ham won’t be relegated. I’m not even going to talk about Dailly. Truth is, we might just as well have persevered with Scaloni for all the good the others have been. We have too many overrated players here who believe their own hype not to mention the manager who seems to believe that Quashie and Boa Morte is the way forward. I dread to think who is coming next.
    I honestly thought the last team to go down was too good. Its not the case with this lot.

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