Where Are They Now – Hugo Porfirio

Hugo Porfirio came to us on loan for half a season in the late 1990s and in my book was one of the most skilful players ever to wear the claret and blue. I hoped he would come to us permanently but he got big ideas and I think went off to Benfica. I’m not sure Harry Redknapp was a big fan though. Anyone know what has happened to him?#end


4 Responses to Where Are They Now – Hugo Porfirio

  1. Spooky says:

    Didn’t work out at Benfica as they loaned him out to a Spanish club for a season. He played for Forest (on loan) prior to that and then ended up at some Arabic team. I’m sure you would have preferred the question to have remained unanswered.

  2. TWBubbles says:

    A report from 15/02/04

    Benfica’s left-sided midfielder/forward Hugo Porfírio, 29, has rescinded his contract (which was until 2005) with Benfica and will play in Saudo Arabia. Porfírio, who has also represented Sporting, União de Leiria, West Ham, Racing Santander and Marítimo, was the centre of controversy when he was sacked by the club at the time of infamous president João Vale e Azevedo. He subsequently won compensation in the courts of 2 million euros for wrongful dismissal, but agreed to re-join the club until the compensation was paid off. He has been playing for Benfica’s ‘B’ team.

    And according to http://www.talksoccer.net/forum/portuguese-players-coaches-abroad/36376-latest-news-portuguese-players-abroad-27.html#post446145, as of Updated August 6, 2006 he was still listed as playing for Al-Nasr in Saudi…

  3. Delbert Wilkins says:

    Strangely enough, there was a small piece on him in the Sheffield Wednesday v. Manchester City programme last weekend (he was on trial with us (Wednesday) briefly a few years ago). I’m not sure it adds much to what’s written above, but I’ll have a butchers anyway.

  4. Reinhardt says:

    He finished his carrer in Portuguese third division.
    It was a shame, because he had a huge talent, just like other portuguese players, like dani( he played in hammers too) and Dominguez. Unfortunetely, they chose the wrong path, which made impossible for them to show their so much talent. Shame for all football fans (especially portuguese fans).

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