Stands Back in Amazement…

Mascheronao is in the squad for the Fulham game!

West Ham (from): Green, Carroll, Dailly, Spector, Gabbidon, Konchesky, Mears, Benayoun, Quashie, Reo-Coker, Mullins, Mascherano, Etherington, Noble, Boa Morte, Tevez, Sheringham, Harewood, Zamora, Cole.

I have just tried to work out Curbishley’s starting eleven but gave up. There are going to be some very pissed off players tomorrow afternoon.


5 Responses to Stands Back in Amazement…

  1. Lee Mason says:

    5 strikers and 4 central midfielders?

    5 into 2 goes……………………4 into 2 goes………………..

    Maths never was my strong suite!

  2. Singapore Hammer says:

    As you say, very difficult to work out the starting team from the squad he has. For what it is worth, here’s my start team:

    Spector, Dailly, Gabbidon, Konchesky,
    Benayoun, Reo-Coker, Noble, Boa Morte,
    Tevez, Cole.

    Carroll, Mears, Sheringham, Mascherano, Harewood,

    After all that has been said NRC should still play, he drives forward well and has a lot to prove. Noble in the middle because he has the hunger Mullins seems to lack. Curbishly missed a real chance of a win last time these two met. Tevez should have come off the bench and didn’t. Time to attack Mr. Curbishly.

  3. Jonathan Moore says:

    I’d agree with that lineup Singapore Hammer, except I’d have Quashie or Mascherano instead of Reo-Coker.

  4. Darren says:

    give mascherano a start and line up quashie for a second half start, i cant handle the argie not getting a chance any more… either he gets it against fulham or he has to leave… poor bloke must be so depressed

  5. krip says:

    With so many players names being bandied about in the press these days, who knows who will even be at the club today/tomorrow. The sooner Curbs decides on his choice of players , the better for all concerned.
    Surely the call must go out for the maestro, De Canio 😉

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