Welcome to OLAS Readers

Today I have a full page advert in the Hammers Fanzine Over Land and Sea, which I used to write for in the late 1990s. I’m told it is now outselling the official matchday programme and I hope to start writing for it again soon. It’s owned and edited by Gary Firmager and has a massive reach. Their player interviews are invariably lifted by the newspapers and it’s true to say that harry Redknapp lost his job because of an interview he gave to OLAS. So if you’ve never bought a copy and you’re going to the Fulham game, pick one up from one of Gary’s street boys.


2 Responses to Welcome to OLAS Readers

  1. RMR says:

    Was the Harry interview published? If so where can I get a copy of it?

  2. Dear Ian.
    I E-Mailed Gary Firmager after West Ham played Everton (my team) last December without reply,i wrote to him in Folkestone
    again without reply,so i was wondering has he moved and/or changed E-Mail address?,so do you have a contact address for him?i also phoned him but it was a discontinued number,if you give me his address/E-Mail address,i’d be grateful,he does know
    me so it’s O.K. there,i look forward to your reply.
    Stephen McConville

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