Ashley Young a Hammer Tomorrow?

The DAILY MAIL is reporting that we have had a £10 million bid (yes, you did read that right) form Ashley Young accepted by Watford and that he will sign tomorrow. He has played 23 games for Watford this season, scoring 4 goals. Last season he scored 14 goals in 41 games. My Watford friends tell me he is a superb player and that we’re lucky to get him. But £10 million?!


5 Responses to Ashley Young a Hammer Tomorrow?

  1. Ivan says:

    I Think 10 Mil is a massive amount of money for a player his age.I think the original 8 mil offer is more reasonable.


  2. Gracchi says:

    Guardian says it too- great blog Iain.

  3. MarlonHornet says:

    He’s an awesome player who, when fully developed, should play for England. Was rumoured to be on the erge of a call up to the full England squad.
    Check out some youtube videos of him – the free kick in the play-off semi at Palace was pure class.
    10m would be a good investment – but he could be in the same league asWatford next year if he signs for you.
    He’s a Spurs fan and would surely prefer to go there.

  4. Neil says:

    10 mil is a lot…

    But, he is pretty special. Really is. You’ll enjoy watchin him. If he can bulk up slightly, he’ll be great.

  5. MarlonHornet says:

    According to Sky, Ash has turned down you Hammers. I’d like to think that’s because he wants to stay a Happy Hornet, but more realistically he doesn’t want to swap one relegation struggle for another.

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