The Club They Don’t Want to Play For

Well Alan Curbishley’s stupid remarks seem to be coming true. A couple of weeks agao he said he thought it would be difficult to attract top class players to a side threatened with relegaton. First Shaun Wright-Phillips snubbed us, now Ashley Young and Lauren have both followed suit. I’m now really worried we’ll end up with a few ageing donkeys. I just had this shudder at the thought of the modenr day equivalents of Iain Dowie, Mike Newell and Lee Chapman joining us. I feel ill.


One Response to The Club They Don’t Want to Play For

  1. Lrdzz says:

    I feel sick as well, and I agree with you that Curbs comment was stupid.

    I think that he has got to be one of the first to aknowledge that the “we’re-a-small-club-moaning” will never take us to the next level or attract decent players.

    If we stay up this club will be capable of getting the Ashley Youngs and the Laurens in the summerbreak. But untill then get ready for the Rob Lees and the Gary Charles.

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