Yossi’s Best Position

The papers have the usual transfer rumours today. I think the only new one is Marlon and Hayden Mullins and £4 million being offered to Charlton in exchange for Darren Bent. The downside of this is that like Dean Ashton, he is out until mid-late February. Despite that, it would have to be a good deal, I’d say, especially if we really are planning for the future.

I’ve had more positive feedback on Ashley Young, a player I admit I wasn’t aware of until our interest in him. However, I suspect we may be hijacked by someone else. According to someone who left a message in the Comments he’s a Spurs supporter. However, if he plays wide right, you’d have thought that Spurs were adequately served in that position by Aaron Lennon. Having said that, after the Fulham game, you’d say that about us and Yossi. However, I often wonder if Yossi isn’t better on the left. He’s never really played there much for us as Etherington has been there, but I wonder if that isn’t where he really wants to play. Or am I talking rubbish?


4 Responses to Yossi’s Best Position

  1. phil fenton says:

    You never talk rubbish and are in fact spot on.

    Living in Israel I ‘ve followed Yossi playing for Maccabi Haifa and for the Israel national team where he always played basically on the left although he had more or less a free role. He is definitely not an out-and-out right winger.

    Can’t really undersand why we need wingers/forwards at this stage as we are crying out for 2 decent defenders. If we want to break the bank I’d go for Tal Ben-Haim at Bolton. He wants to leave and is just the player we need (although I think he’d prefer Chelsea)

  2. Greezy Pimp says:

    Sadly, I was told on Saturday evening that was Yossi’s shop window performance his agent has advised him to jump ship before we go down to get the best deal. Word is he’ll be at liverpool before the weeks out. I hope it’s not true!

  3. ck says:

    Yup. He really looked at the end as though he was leaving in a couple of days. Wasn’t bothered at all by the result. Skipped off the pitch like a little lamb.

  4. Greezy Pimp says:

    I take your point CK but I didn’t say he wanted to leave and his love of our club is well documented but agents put pressure on their clients. Personally I’d make him club captain and ask the other players to follow his example and play us out of this mess with a bit of passion and pride.

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