Cometh the Hour, Cometh James Tomkins?

Today’s papers do not make happy reading for Hammers fans. Player after player snubbing us because they don’t fancy a relegation dogfight. The worst news of all is that Carlos Tevez is out for at least a month with a torn hamstring. So unless we bring in a striker PDQ it’s difficult to see how we could justify offloading Harewood or Zamora (who Wigan have been linked with).

But despite our striker woes a.central defender must be top priority for Curbishley. Not the ideal time to blood James Tomkins, but cometh the hour…


5 Responses to Cometh the Hour, Cometh James Tomkins?

  1. phil fenton says:

    Don’t really understand why we let Elloit Ward go – it was obvious at the beginning of the season we had very little cover in central defence. Also we should possibly be looking for a loan signing from abroad (a la Scaloni).

  2. Footblogger says:

    What is it with this rose-tinted view of Scaloni? They guy was terrible – he couldn’t defend Stephen Hawking on a charge for jaywalking. He should have been credited with an assist for Gerrard’s goal in the Cup Final.

  3. Dave 'the Headmaster' Payne says:

    it’s early days yet in this window. 2 weeks tonight it might just be getting more interesting!
    keep the faith

  4. Dave 'the Headmaster' Payne says:

    early days yet – judge the success of the transfer window 2 weeks tomorrow!

    keep the faith

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