Ashley Young Deal Back On?

Hot rumour of the afternoon (repeated in one of the comments in the post below – although it’s not, so far as I can see reported on the BBC website as the author alleges) is that the Ashley Young deal is back on. Haven’t been able to verify anything, but it appears he turned down Aston Villa and Spurs won’t pay Watford more than £7 million. I’m never sure about the wisdom of blowing your wad on a player whose heart isn’t in it.

UPDATE: According to the morning papers he’s off to Villa after all. Oh well, got that one wrong…


4 Responses to Ashley Young Deal Back On?

  1. AL dee says:

    It is on BBC sport website – West Ham – Its under “watford reveled young snubbed move “- it must be an updated version.
    Although this is not strict confirmation of course.

  2. AmericanHammer says:

    I looked at the article as well. It is the old one saying that he snubbed us. It says we they accepted our bid but he wouldn’t discuss personal terms. So, no news here. I have seen that Eggy thinks that the saga isn’t over and he may yet be convinced to change his mind, particularly if we get a couple of results before the window closes. Still, I’m in the camp that looks at 10 million for a relatively unproven player as a gamble. There is no evidence he has the stomach for the fight today. And he may be taleneted but 10 million should buy you more proven quality, even in this market.

  3. Dave 'the Headmaster' Payne says:

    Iain – blowing your wad on any football player would, in my view, be an unwise thing to do. I thank you…… (Julian Clary tribute there!)

  4. Damien says:

    On the BBC Football Website just came up with Villa and Watford agree deal for Young subject to talks…so I would assume Villa have won the race.

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