England’s Number One, West Ham’s Number One

We all know that the transfer window brings with it all sorts of ludicrous rumours. The latest one on FansFC is that Robert Green is off to Fulham. They must be having a laugh. He really is England’s number one and we’d be crazy to even consider it. Roy Carroll is simply not good enough and I cannot understand why he played against Fulham. I don’t think he was particularly to blame for the ‘defeat’ (it felt like one) but he is not in Green’s class.This rumour has got to be trash..hasn’t it?


4 Responses to England’s Number One, West Ham’s Number One

  1. Anonymous says:

    Defeat? I think you’ll find we drew against Fulham! Anyway I agree, absolutely has to stay, top quality keeper.

  2. ShortRound says:

    You see the FansFC bit did it for me, it is by far the worst sports WWW Site on the internet, most of the “true” stuff is lifted from other sites and the rest of the stories are complete pony.

  3. ck says:

    It felt like a defeat. In fact I’ve come away from many defeats far more cheery than that. Hence the quotation marks I suspect.

  4. Stuart says:

    why aint we playing green. hes one of the best goalkeepers we have had. We would of lost to man utd & arsenal if carrol was in goal. The amount of saves he has made which kept us in games. We should sell carrol. he is very injury prone. if we sell green and carrol gets injured who have we got to play in goal. We should keep him because he will be englands number 1. Also it will keep Robinson on his toes. GET RID OF CARROL HES ONLY GOOD FOR THE CHAMPIONSIP NOW

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