Her Majesty is Most Amused by the Signing of Mr Calum Davenport

Well I hope I’m bloody right about Calum Davenport! All the Spurs forums are now saying it is a done deal and there are rumours of a medical having taken place today. If he does sign I will claim the first WEST HAM TILL I DIE Exclusive. If it all goes tits up I shall just have to write a huge number of stories so the post disappears down the page. Seriously, IMHO I think he will be a fantastic signing for us. It seems the Lucas Neill deal has been revived and that neither the Lauren or Ashley Young transfers are totally dead. One of the papers also talked about Kepa signing from Spain. Never heard of him. Apparently a striker.

Funny to see Newcastle get slaughtered tonight by Birmingham. Let’s hope we do them on Saturday. I got invited to go to the match yesterday by the local MEP, Martin Callanan, but I really didn’t fancy the drive, and £256 from Gatwick seemed a tad excessive.

Believe it or not I am writing this just after midnight in a bedroom inside Windsor Castle. Her Majesty passes on her best to all Hammers fans. Just thought you’d want to know…


5 Responses to Her Majesty is Most Amused by the Signing of Mr Calum Davenport

  1. Ed says:

    According to The Independent the Davenport transfer looks to be a done deal. They claim he will be making his début against the barcodes. Kudos indeed for breaking this one Iain.

  2. NunheadHammer says:

    Why don’t you go on the train?

  3. Iain Dale says:

    I did consider the train but it also seemed very expensive

  4. ShortRound says:

    Iain, now come on, are you a fan or not, if it’s to see the mighty hammers you’ll find away to get there no matter the cost……..

  5. HEz51 says:

    Great news re Callum. Why didn’t we sign him yonks ago? It was the same with old Hannu Tihinehn who iI thought was ace. Hopefully we’ve now got a defender who can head the ball.

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