Reo Coker off to Tottscum?

See what you make of these rumours picked up from the West Ham mailing list.

“Carlos Tevez is close to sealing a loan deal to Celtic. Alan Curbishley has told him that he is not in his plans for the rest of the season as he needs to gain experience at a more physical level. Nigel Reo-Coker’s move to Tottenham is imminent and will be completed in the coming days, the deal will be woth around £4m. He has also informed that Alan Curbishley is planning a £500,000 bid for Leon Mckenzie of Coventry. Lucas Neill will join West Ham in the next 48 hours. According to tabloids, Liverpool haven’t given him his wage demands but West Ham are prepared to do it. Neill has been spotted at the Training Ground a few times, with Curbishley giving him a tour.”
I’d be gutted if either Tevez or Reo Coker left. And surely Reo Coker must be worth a hell of a lot more than £4 million. We’d be mad to let him go for that. But then again, he’s be mad to join Spurs…


8 Responses to Reo Coker off to Tottscum?

  1. Gordon Broon says:

    But what do you make of the fact that Calum Davenport is coming the other way ??

  2. Iain Dale says:

    See below! I think I have made clear that Davenport is a fantastic signing. He was superb when he was here on loan before.

  3. AL dee says:

    Looks like we’ve signed ashley young according to BBC website for a cool 10 mill.
    I hope he is worth it and makes a good partner for ashton

  4. Anonymous says:

    Where does it say that on the BBC website? Young made it fairly clear he wan’t interested!

  5. ShortRound says:

    Not sure about Tevez going to Celtic because of the same reason that Mascherano can’t be transfered to Liverpool (Although I guess we will have to wait on Fifa for that to be sorted out.), a player can not play for more than 2 teams in a season, and I’m sure that must apply to loaning players as I don’t see why Mascherano would not of been loaned to Liverpool with a view to buy at the end of the season. But maybe it’s out of West Hams hands due to MSI.

    I think we need Tevez and Mascherano and I can’t believe the later does not get a fair crack of the wip.

  6. Dave 'the Headmaster' Payne says:

    The quicker Reo goes the better for me. Too much bad blood. Stands about as much chance of being unequivocally redeemed in the eys of the fans as Jade Goody has as making it in the Foreign Office! Tho I don’t particularly go for this aspect of supporting the Irons, I feel another Ince / Fat Frank scenario developing here!

  7. Spooky says:

    Oh god no. Not another central midfielder for us Spuds. Jol seems to buy up British like he’s collecting football stickers.

  8. Stuart says:

    Get rid of him but not to spurs. Come on Celtic make a bid for him so he doesnt come back to the east end. hes a little cry baby and hes at fault for the sacking of pardew.

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