Say It Ain’t So

I must admit that I don’t normally read The Guardian sports pages, but during the transfer window I scour everything! And when I read this, I got the empty feeling in the pit of my stomach…

Robert Green did not attend training at West Ham United’s Chadwell Heath training ground yesterday amid reports of a move to Fulham. However the player’s associates insisted no talks were under way and that the England goalkeeper had a heavy cold and cancelled a birthday dinner due for last night.


6 Responses to Say It Ain’t So

  1. Steve in Shenfield says:

    I don’t really think there is any need to worry about him leaving. I am not sure why Roy Carol is getting in ahead of him at the current time. Maybe Roy is being put in the shop window?

  2. Damien says:

    I hope Robert Green don’t go…I don’t rate carroll at all and prefer green…maybe its time to get another goalkeeper in as a spare.

  3. Sam.C says:

    I’m at west ham acdemy:D

  4. AmericanHammer says:

    Everything I’ve seen says he is under the weather and didn’t train for that reason only. Also, that he had not been feeling well last week so Roy got the nod. This is why you want a couple of prem quality keepers. I think Green is ahead of Carroll but you can’t dispute that Roy has experience and a measue of quality that will serve us well when Green is out ill or hurt. I think that is what happened here and some “journalist” has tried to get 5 from 2+2.

  5. Dave 'the Headmaster' Payne says:

    heard this one earlier from a different source. Please God let it be wrong………..

  6. dyseddehf says:

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