The Man from Del Monte – He Say No

An excellent post today on the Just Like My Dreams Blog. Here’s an extract…

“Frustration in the transfer market at this time is year is hardly a new experience, especially when the situation is as desperate as ours. During the 1987/88 season, back in a time when I felt these things more keenly, we had another much publicised struggle against the transfer deadline in which a seemingly endless procession of targets rebuffed our increasingly desperate advances. I was fourteen at the time and just at the age to learn about the true nature of rejection. A few weeks earlier, during a slow dance at the school Christmas disco, I had foolishly attempted to slip my hand under Melanie Woolgar’s blouse and received a swift reactionary knee to the bollocks as my reward. As painful and humiliating as that was, it was nothing compared to the weekly humiliation that dogged West Ham that winter. Overtures were made to Mick Harford, Kerry Dixon, Peter Davenport and Kevin Drinkell.

“Eventually, Leroy Rosenior accepted the calling. He arrived as a £275K stop-gap and gleefully plundered the half dozen goals that lifted the club out of danger. On the day of his home debut there was a banner in the Chicken Run that read ‘Even the Man From Del Monte said no to West Ham.’”


One Response to The Man from Del Monte – He Say No

  1. Chris says:

    Isn’t there a typo in the title of this blog? Shouldn’t it be “’til I die”?

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