Lucas Neill Signs

Lucas Neill has agreed terms with West Ham! A great signing IMHO. Odd that the news breaks during the Newcastle game. And we are 2-0 up. Life is sweet and I’m about to buy a new car. Does life get any better?!


7 Responses to Lucas Neill Signs

  1. Damn Yankee says:

    We don’t know when he’ll actually move to West Ham though yet, right?

  2. gkehoe says:

    Life would be a lot better if Rennie was never allowed to ref a match again. A blind man could see that goal should have been offside. Not interfering with play my ***.

  3. Johnny B says:

    Only if you are as Idealistic as you popularly seem to be!

  4. Magpie says:

    Excellent news – that means the thug cannot sign for the Toon. You are welcome to this nasty piece of work. And I’m afraid after today’s performance, we won’t be offering you 7 million quid for Anton Ferdinand anymore…..

  5. Noel Slevin says:

    Uriah Rennie’s a quality ref – if you’re blind.

  6. wild_rover says:

    what a shame for the greedy aussy scum
    while we beat luton 4-0
    your greedy aussy scum bag gest sub’d early n ya losin 1-0
    what a shame cudnt happen 2 worse bloke
    blue and true
    champipnship and ya havin a laff

  7. login says:

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