Rennie v Poll

So between them Uriah Rennie and Graham Poll have cost us four points in the last two weeks. They say these things even themselves out over a season but I’m, not so sure. If we go down in May we’ll look back at these two games and wonder what might have been. I can;t do a match report as I wasn’t there so I have only seen the MOTD highlights.

Roy Carroll made some fantastic saves. There, I’ve said it. And by all accounts Nigel Quashie has a stormer. Quite what Boa Morte was thinking of when he handled for the penalty I do not know. Calum Davenport’s goal also looked perfectly OK to me, but his marking of Martins seemed, ahem, a little weak to say the least. Martins seemed to be on cracking form. Matthew Etherington may well have made his last appearance today and should have scored right at the end. He’s a player who has seriously lost form this season and if we can offload him to Fulham this week we should do so.


7 Responses to Rennie v Poll

  1. Gammarama says:

    The first Newcastle goal was a joke, it was offside, this newish offside rule is unworkable, different referees take different interpretations from it. He was interfering with play – he was in the keepers line of vision.

    As for Davenport’s disallowed goal, he was climbing all over the defender. He had two hands firmly on the defenders back… if it had been given the other way, you would not have been impressed.

    Think it summed up Rennie’s day when he lost his cards.

    I support Glasgow Rangers btw… a proper team!

  2. Blaydon Races says:

    The first goal was definitely offside, and the BBC MOTD team made much of it.

    However, as a Newcastle fan, I didn’t hear too many complaints from the BBC pundits when Birmingham scored their first goal in our FA Cup drubbing. One of their players was standing on Shay Given’s goal line with his arms wrapped round the bemused goalie as their first goal was smashed in. If that isn’t intefering with play, I don’t know what is.

    The stupidity of the offside “not interfering with play” rule is obvious. You just don’t know what decision will be given.

  3. ACtually I thought Davenport was all over the defender. However, the first goal for Newcastle was some sort of sick joke and the pathetic yellow card for Martins (as pointed out by Shearer I think it was on MOTD) shows what a clown Rennie is.

  4. gary p says:

    though rennie s decision on the first goal was poor, on the balance of play ,newcastle deserved something from the match. even as a westham fan i have to admit that in the second half newcastle were much improved. Etherington s unwillingess to take a shot near the end shows why he s normally not in the side ,and is evidence he should be sold ,with one or two others.

  5. krip says:

    Why do we have to put up with Uriah Rennie’s incompetent refereeing all this time? Without sounding racist, I do believe he is just a token black referee tolerated to appease the ‘PC’ police. Where else would a ‘supposed’ top class official get away with what he does? And when he does get exposed, the poor clubs in the Championship have to put up with him. What have they done to deserve that?
    As for Graham Poll. This is the man who thinks he is the Superstar of the men in black. He has the biggest and most fragile ego possible. Just loves being the centre of attention and will do anything to achieve that. World cup…….nuff said.
    On performance (not the referee’s. I hasten to add) the result was pretty fair. Newcastle did battle back well in the second half. Still. a point away from home. A pity that ‘Pards’ couldn’t do his old club a favour though. 😦

  6. phil fenton says:

    Clive Thomas has been reincarnated as Uriah Rennie. We were absolutely cruising and going in at 2-0 it would have been very hard for Newcastle to come back.
    Having said that we were lucky not to lose in the end and Carroll deserves a lot of praise.
    Davenport is someone we’ve badly needed and Quashie adds great competetiveness. I’ve been disappointed with Boa-Morte though.

  7. Mike says:

    Etherington’s quality. We’d be mugs to offload him and replace him with the waster Boa-morte. Also knew Marlon wud score cos Curbishley’s been messin him around seriously, n he’s a top quality player. Curbs is clueless, with his signings, for STILL playing dailly at the back, and for even thinkin bout lettin matty or harewood leave. shud neva have got rid of pards, end of.

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