Lucas Neill’s Get Out of Jail Free Card

Lucas Neill has made some very nice noises about his move to West Ham, but it appears that if we go down, he’s got a get-out clause in his contract and would be allowed to move. I’m not impressed with that, although I will console myself with the fact that we’d be able to get far more than the £1.5 million we are paying for him.


5 Responses to Lucas Neill’s Get Out of Jail Free Card

  1. Lrdzz says:

    The problem is: We don’t know how the deal looks like. He could very well have a massive sign-on fee on top of the big fat check dumpin’ in on his doormat every week. Neill was 6 months removed from free agency – where the big one-payment-bucks normaly are – and it seems plausible that his agent pushed for a big sign-on fee in this deal here. I think that Biscuit and Eggs have put a lot of fruit in this basket with the amount of money waiting for the clubs in the Prem the comming years – should we stay up…….

  2. Footblogger says:

    We’d get more than the £1.5m we paid for him? Who on Earth’s going to up the fee for a relegated player with a get-out clause? Can’t see Chelsea wanting him.

  3. Peter Beardsleys Uncle says:

    Hes there for the money, sadly, he’ll jump ship if the hammers go down, so glad we didnt get him, sad that the Hammers did cos i like your club and you dont need greedy mercenaries like him.


    Tue 23 Jan 07 (20:05) by John Davies (Anfield Online)
    Lucas Neill – not good enough for the red shirt

    Lucas Neill, former ‘number one Liverpool supporter’ was today attempting to justify his decision to move to West Ham instead of Anfield.

    Speaking today, probably from the bank, he said:

    “People have questioned why I signed for West Ham and not Liverpool, but I don’t understand that.

    “Yes, Liverpool is a great club with a fantastic history but, equally, West Ham have produced people like Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst, Martin Peters, Trevor Brooking and Billy Bonds over the years. If West Ham was good enough for those guys, then it’s good enough for me.

    “If people want to insult my decision to play for West Ham, then they are insulting some of the greatest players the game has produced, including the three men who led England to the World Cup in 1966.”

    West Ham United are believed to have offered the player £55,000 per week compared to the reds offer of £18,000 per week.

    It appears that Lucas Neill is the archetypal example of a modern footballer. One minute expressing his desire to play for his ‘boyhood club’. The next won over by the lure of gold.

    However sleep tight Lucas because the fact of the matter is actually this. You wouldn’t have been good enough for Liverpool. You wouldn’t have been first choice ahead of any of our defenders especially Steve Finnan, and you wouldn’t have been playing the likes of Barcelona anyway. You would have been at Melwood – training with the youngsters.

    West Ham fans are good football supporters, and are probably as adept at recognising a mercenary as us Liverpool fans. I hope this one doesn’t take them down to the Championship.

  4. lane bird says:

    He’s an Aussie mate, he may be there for the money, but if he saves the hammers and we do stay up, then you would be cheering him. put your self in his shoes 18k or 55k take your pick. just let the boy play, he is a great defender and an even better bloke. go get em’ Lukey.

  5. Rapidhammer says:

    I think it’s a boost for West Ham that they have signed a player who was on the shopping list of Liverpool. It shows that West Ham are able to attract top players – despite the problems which Tevez and especially Mascherano had and still have – and that the club is ready to try to reach a new level. Of course I’d be happy if we eventually survive this term – but if we do, I think West Ham will be able to give it a go next season. Looking forward to the players West Ham are going to sign during the summer then…

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