Kepa Blanco Signs & Uriah Rennie is Demoted

A busy day at Upton park with Lucas Neill’s signing confirmed and the on loan signing of Kepa Blanco from Seville also in the bag. From what I hear he’s a sort of Dean Ashton looky-likey. We have an opption to buy him permanently if it all works out. There are rumours today that Christian Dailly may be wending his way back to Dundee United. this may be a sensible career move from his point of view because I suspect his starts are now going to be increasingly rare with the signing of Lucas Neill. While he may be used as cover for the central defenders it’s not likely he will feature in a first choice team. I’ve never been his biggest fan, but he has stuck with us through thick and thin so all credit to him.

And now for the best news of the day. Uriah Rennie is to be demoted for his appalling performance on Saturday. Good.


10 Responses to Kepa Blanco Signs & Uriah Rennie is Demoted

  1. gary p says:

    we ve now covered all the bases in the transfer window -midfield,back 4 and upfront ,and we ve done it without breaking the bank. not to mention we re probably in a position to sell one or two underperformers if we want to as well. progress being made.long way to go ,but good step in the right direction

  2. krip says:

    Hoo bloody ray. Uriah Rennie has his just deserves. Doesn’t help us though, does it?

  3. Gordon Broon says:

    Still think you can elbow your way above Wigan or Sheffield and save yourself ? ?

  4. NunheadHammer says:

    I reckon we’ll pick up more points over the course of the remaining season than Wigan…they are in freefall…what we went through…and its harder to get out of it as the pressure for points increases, they know that. The new signings ought to change things and we’ve played noticeably better over the last two games, scoring goals at least. One thing, I’ve always liked Christian Dailly – he’s stuck with us through thick and thin, scored one or two important goals, and gives 100% – sets an example to some other players.

  5. peter nulty says:

    uriah rennie,getting what he should have had two years ago when he reffed the west ham v ipswich play off semi final 1st leg ,what about poll,he was just as bad v fulham

  6. Lee Mason says:

    I am glad Rennie has been demoted, how can a ref not know the offside rule?

    I just hope the 2 lost points dont count at the end of the season and we can look forward to a season or 2 without him ruining our matches and costing us results.

  7. Greezy Pimp says:

    Good to see that idiot Rennie getting punished, but what message does that send out, that in the lower leagues howlers like his and Poll’s are OK. I think they should be suspended from the list for a period or banned like the players who don’t observe the rules.

  8. gary p says:

    yes i do actually. want to lay a friendly hundred on it that west ham finish above wigan or sheffield ????

  9. Dave 'the Headmaster' Payne says:

    irons will survive. no doubt. yer ton is safe gary. as for rennie, i wish him well at weightwatchers

  10. HEz51 says:

    Good riddance, Rennie. He has been a poor ref in the past but on Saturday he committed the unforgiveable sin of overruling his linesman when he had absolutley no insight into the situation at all.

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