Reo Coker on His Way?

You may remember that last week I broke the news on this blog that Calum Davenport was signing for West Ham. The same source of that story has just told me that Nigel Reo Coker may well be on his way to Spurs before the transfer deadline. Spurs are trying to flog Tainio to Villa to raise some cash. My source emphasises that it hasn’t got the same degree of certainty as the Davenport move, but he thought I’d want to know. And I thought you would too…


10 Responses to Reo Coker on His Way?

  1. HEz51 says:

    Good riddance. We’ve heard enough about his “behinf the scenes” and “personal issues” for a lifetime. He doesn’t want to be with us. LEt him clear off and play UEFA cup football. That’s about the height of his talents.

  2. Roads says:

    That would be a shame for West Ham.

    He’d surely have potential to shine again if Curbishley could play him right (in every sense).

  3. Matt says:

    I think NRC needs to go ASAP. I think certain sections of the fans have given him more grief than he deserved, but he’s continually underperformed this season and his heart’s not at West Ham now. If we stay up, it won’t be because of his efforts, so flog him now for us much as possible – we’ll be offered peanuts for him once we’re a Championship side.

  4. HEz51 says:

    And can we learn the mistakes of Michael Carrick…Let’s include a sell on clause this time please Eggy

  5. Singapore Hammer says:

    It will be short sighted of WHU to sell him now. And we won’t. Eggert and Curbishly are not stupid, WHU need him and NRC needs us. Come the summer he will be rewarded with either a new contract for being part of the success of keeping us up. Or he’ll be worth a few more million than he is now because of his drive, skill and err (leadership!) that others would like a taste of. Either way both parties win. Unless of course Alan Curbishly has Barton or Parker in his pocket, I doubt it. The boy will stay.

  6. Keith R says:

    …agree with the sell-on clause, especially if NRC goes to the White Hart feeder people

  7. Rapidhammer says:

    I think Reo-Coker won’t be sold during this transfer window. He seems to be back to good form and has to help West Ham get out of the relegation zone. But what will happen to Robert Green? The Guardian said that West Ham are willing to listen to offers for Green. Despite the six goals he had to concede against Reading he played fairly well so far, and I think he’s the better keeper. What do you think? Will he leave now?

  8. James Tumbridge says:

    Any thoughts on the rebuff by Birmingham and Upson?

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