Reo Coker’s Agent Translated

This is what Nigel Reo Coker’s agent Tony Finnigan told Sky Sports yesterday…

“I met him (Curbishley), the chairman and chief executive to talk about Nigel and his future. “For the
next 14 games Nigel will give his 110 per cent that is what I can guarantee every single West Ham supporter. “He will give his all as he always does in the next 14 games and at the end of the season we will have a look at it.” Finnigan admitted there had been interest in Reo-Coker, but that West Ham do not want to lose him in this month’s transfer window. “I dare so they will
(clubs want Reo-Coker) everyone wants the best players at different clubs they want good players and he is no exception. “There is nothing going on from what they have told me, they are not prepared to do anything and I
understand that. “He is here committed for the next 14 games and we are not looking beyond that. “The most important thing is that West Ham stay in the Premiership, that is more important than me and any one footballer the most important thing is that West Ham rally together and stay in the Premier League. “I have had conversations with different people for sure but any
club in London that wants Nigel is going to have to come up with a lot of money in this particular transfer window and I don’t suppose they are going to want to do that anyway. “But I know all about the interest of course I do. “No it won’t be changing I cannot see him leaving West Ham in January. “No way, no way he has a job to do and he is going to do it and obviously
the club have made a decision which they have publicly said so let’s get behind them and see what happens.”

Translation: Anyone out there make a bid and he’s yours.

What a tosser.


4 Responses to Reo Coker’s Agent Translated

  1. Keith R says:

    I reckon that NRC would go now if he hadn’t let his ‘personal problems’ impact so negatively on the park, which has surely dropped his hitherto value. However, I’ve forgiven NRC taking my money and playing poorly so why can’t his smug agent get lost and let NRC play properly again? The answer is that we really do have to endure the bull surrounding the scent of money that the grabbing toe-rags have wafting into their shallow nostrils.

  2. Singapore Hammer says:

    Come August he’ll be playing elsewhere. Just hope we get true value for him. Carrick, Cole, Defoe before him all went too cheaply.

  3. ck says:

    NRC should be asking himself “what would Joey Barton do?”

  4. Keith R says:

    Maybe too much too young and too full of arrogant cockiness …but still wishing that I’m wrong

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