West Ham v Watford Match Report (if you can bear it)

To be honest, I couldn’t face writing this until now. Up to now I have always thought it would all come right in the end. Now I am not so sure. Today’s team selection said it all – totally unimaginative. A team devoid of flair. A team which could have played for Charlton Athletic. Yes, it was really that bad. I fear that Alan Curbishley is putting together a team of journeymen who couldn’t light up a Christmas tree, let alone display some ingenuity. This game has raised some important questions:-

1. Just what has Robert Green done to be dropped?
2. Just what has Roy Carroll done to deserve a run in the team?
3. Why on earth was Shaun Newton in the side?
4. After his performance against Brighton why on earth was Mark Noble not even on the bench?
5. Why on earth did we pay £5 million for Boa Morte?

I could come up with another twenty. I hate to say it at this early stage, but I do wonder if Alan Curbishley is the right man for the job. Alan Pardew ‘got’ West Ham. He related to us. He knew what we wanted. He became a Hammer. Alan Curbishley played for us. He ought to know what this Club is about. But I really am beginning to wonder if that is the case. I’ll just give you my player scores and comments before slitting my wrists…

Roy Carroll – 4 – At fault for the goal and looked shaky the rest of the time
Christian Dailly – 8 – Man of the Match, which really says it all
Jonathan Spector – 6 – Lost possession too often
George McCartney – 6 – Not a patch on Konchesky at defending or attacking
Lucas Neill – 7 – Solid, got booked but was subbed for Paintsil just after half time due to injury
John Paintsil – 8 – excellent at attacking, good first touch, weaker defensively though
Nigel Reo-Coker – 6 – Failed to impose himself and didn’t win enough 50-50 balls
Nigel Quashie – 6 – Too many misdirected passes. Tough tackling but to little effect
Luis Boa Morte – 4 – Terrible. Was rightly subbed
Carlton Cole – 7 – Anonymous first half but worked like a trojan in the second half
Bobby Zamora – 7 – Put himself about and had a few chances
Shaun Newton – 2 – Worse than Boa Morte. Should never play for West Ham again.
Teddy Sheringham (sub) – 4 – Did sweet FA
Matthew Etherington (sub) – 5 – Couple of nice runs which went nowhere.

Now, where’s the razor…


11 Responses to West Ham v Watford Match Report (if you can bear it)

  1. Maggie Thatcher fan says:

    I thought you’d had a haircut, Are you going to turn it into a no 1?

  2. Rapidhammer says:

    Tumbling out of the FA cup against Watford is a shame, but I think it is not that bad in the relegation battle we’re in. We gotta win the league games, that’s important! The squad has really got to prove something on Tuesday. And West Ham have already beaten ManU and Arsenal at home. I’m sure it will be a completely different game against the Reds on Tuesday. C’mon you Irons!

  3. Mark says:

    Just hope we can do the same to you guys in 2 weeks!

  4. I’ve had this nagging doubt about Curbs since he was brought in. 15 years with Charlton, just over half in the Chumpionship, promotion, relegation, promotion again and then only one season above mid-point – if he was ambitious and the club had insufficient backing to move on, would you not expect him to have done? I remember reading an interview in which he stated his view that everything that happens on the pitch should be a result of moves practised repeatedly in training – it sounded so mechanical – can you imagine Di Canio fitting in a team like that? Well he didn’t and I understand he still slates Curbs to this day. I don’t know what went on with Pards behind the scenes, and we are where we are, but I don’t think Curbs is the answer. I suspect Eggy is only thinking of staying up and consolidation and we will see a new manager in 2-3 seasons time – not sure Curbs is even going to do that right now given inability to motivate what should be a team capable of staying up and selection decisions that are somewhat unfathomable (Noble, Green)

  5. AmericanHammer says:

    I thought this was a great opportunity to try a couple of things. Yes, we want a cup run but survival comes first and this was a free game to test some people at a competative level. Blanco should have been in the team. The commentators on radio even agreed that this was the sort of game he seemed made for. Newton ahead of Mascharano? Newton ahead of Noble? Newton ahead of anybody? What planet are we on? I’m also afraid Curbs doesn’t know what to do here. We seem to be content and yet we still haven’t found that player that excites the team and fans and can inspire a revival. I agree that this allows us to concentrate on survival but we lost a great opportunity to sort a few things out. Green needs to come back in, I like Roy Carroll but this is why he was dropped in the first place. This is why Man U were willing to part with him. One last point, I agree that Dailly is not a top of the line player anymore but if others in the team showed half his spirit and willingness to do what it takes for West Ham, we’d be in the top six! I’m still hopeful that, with Yossi back in and a Newton relagated to the conference, we can still survive. I hope that’s my head talking, I know it’s my heart.

  6. Stickers says:

    I am embarrassed by our performance on saturday!
    Curbishly obviously doesn’t need a cup run.Jonathan Spector is NOT even a footballer.Shaun Newton is woefull and only ever was a squad player when we were in the championship and should have been shipped out after promotion.
    Why wasn’t Mullins played on saturday{or Masc’,..leave it}?
    Nigel Quashie was surely brought in to add a bit of bite to our midfield,then why was he attempting to SPRAY balls all over the field when is barely able to control the ball?
    Rob Green is a lot better than Roy Carroll end of!
    Koncheski is better than McCartney!
    McCartney should have partnered Dailly in the heart of the defence!
    Mark Noble should have started this match!
    Etherington should have started this match with Boa Mote on the right !

  7. gary p says:

    the comments made on selection all make sense. the inclusion of newton and exclusion of noble made no sense. despite the result not going our way ,it s probably a blessing in disguise ,and there were some positives. Cole s performance in the second half shows he s capable of causing defenses trouble and scoring. i agree that boa morte ,despite creating some chances,faded in the second half ,as did NRC. but dailly had an excellent match despite the criticism het so often gets. perhaps the best thing is that carroll s error,which thankfully did not happen in a league game,will convince curbishley to put green back in goal. with benayoun ,davenport,harewood and green all likely to feature vs liverpool ,we ll see a better performance tuesday. add neill to the list for saturday ,possibly with tevez ,and that s a decent squad to take to villa park.

  8. Ian the Hammers says:

    Lets face it, that was probably a worse performance than the one at reading (considering the opposition, one shot on target, lose 1-0) Curbs is most definitely the wrong man for the job, still not playing mascarano etc when he had the perfect opportunity to bring him in when he took the job on. He says the same thing after each game “we must look forward” etc etc. We are in the deepest shit ever, more so than 3 yrs ago when we had the players but unfortunately the rodent as well, Sir Trev almost kept us up in the end. Now we don’t even have the players. Daily was m.o.m, what does that say about the rest!! Oh well, fizzy pop league here we come.

  9. Hammered says:


  10. Keith R says:

    This site is my Hammers consolation having found it after my access to West Ham Fans was barred by my employer.
    Glad to be amongst kindred but worried souls …but can anyone tell me what NRC’s final gesture before the tunnel was about?

  11. Hugh McQ says:

    Hey, why the hell would we want a world class Argentinian in our side when we’ve got Shaun and Nige doing just fine thank you?

    Let’s be clear here, we’re deep in the brown stuff with not a paddle in sight. Each game I cling to the vain hope there will be some semblance of a recovery, but here we are approaching February and it’s just getting worse. But no doubt we’ll snatch a win tonight to let us bask in the glory of being the side that went down having beaten three of the top sides in The Premiership.

    How can a side so fabulously muscular and proud in winning at Highbury last year, turn into the stuttering, shambolic mess they are now?

    Well, now’s the time for every single one of them to earn their nauseatingly gross paychecks and play out of their skins. Show us just how wrong we were to write them off. If Robbie Earle’s piece in the Standard yesterday is to be believed, NRC will now be going on five mile runs in an extra thick hair shirt before mounting the Moore, Hurst, Peters statue and rallying his troops. Yeah, right.

    I seriously wonder how many of them are already packing their parachutes for when the inevitable happens come May?

    What they should do now is spend three long days at a Tony Robbins seminar before returning bristling with self-belief to slaughter everyone in sight. How great would that be?

    However, ‘Just like my dreams, they fade and die’.

    Yep. They sure do. Sad isn’t it?

    Burnley away anyone?

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