A New Series: My West Ham

A reader of my other blog sent me this today and I asked if I could put it on here. Enjoy…

The reason for writing this email now is to share with you the pain and suffering over our beloved Hammers you have clearly demonstrated in your new West Ham blog. I started attending matches during the latter years of the Moore/Hurst era, with Peters having gone to Spurs. After four years on the waiting list, I finally got two season tickets in the early 80’s but gave them up later that decade as it became progressively more difficult to get to matches and I was by then lending the tickets out virtually on a permanent basis. There were some great times but being a Hammers supporter requires a strong heart. I now find something to occupy my mind on a Saturday afternoon to pass the time quickly, but cannot help myself from tuning-in from time to time, usually wishing I hadn’t. The absolute joy of a two-goal lead last Saturday turning to near depression at final whistle was a typical example of how everything seems to have gone wrong since the 90th minute of the Cup Final. I try to console myself now, as I did last time, that being near the top of the Championship is better than continually languishing near the bottom of the Premiership, but I am of course deluded. It isn’t. The problem is, we seemed likely to get out of the mire until the final game last time. This time, with the poor results, the lack of any luck, the injuries, player discontent and the transfer problems, the whiff of the inevitable death pervades virtually everything going on at the moment.

I attended the Cup Final in 1980 as a member of West Ham United Executive club. We were taken in a luxury coach, given best seats at Wembley and a dinner at the Savoy that evening. There was a raffle at the end of the night, drawn by Billy Bonds. I won what, for me, was the star prize – Trevor Brooking’s signed shirt and a WHU football signed by the team. Brooking, of course, scored the winning goal – with his head! And he is my all time hero player. My WHU memorabilia, including the FA Cup winning items are kept carefully boxed, in a heated outbuilding I use for my business record archive.

I am not, in real life, a superstitious man but when it comes to football I have done my share of not having a haircut, wearing the same clothes etc during winning runs. So you will understand why I believe that the writing is on the wall for us this season now that I have discovered a family of mice have nested in the very box containing my Cup winning items, peeing all over the shirt and chewing the football.

If you’d like to email me your own West Ham memories, feel free. I’ll publish the best of them


One Response to A New Series: My West Ham

  1. Rooster says:

    Excellent story, and a true supporter.

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