Better Than the Hammerettes…

On Tuesday the half time entertainment at West Ham will be none other than Bonnie Tyler! It turns out that her manager is a fan of my other blog and has invited me to meet her. Those who know me will not be surprised to learn that I have all her records. I just hope she doesn’t have occasion to sing IT’S A HEARTACHE. A brisk rendition of TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART WILL DO ME FINE.


11 Responses to Better Than the Hammerettes…

  1. Kris says:

    It’s a heartache, it’s a headache, it’s and earache…

    What next for the Hammers?

  2. Big George says:

    excellent, because weren’t a laughing stock after saturedays game so we had to trying harder. Why not the Nun chorus from the Sound of Music, or why not go the whole hog and get the frog chorus.

  3. chazzie says:


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  8. Hammerithome says:

    Does anyone know what’s happened to those Hammerettes??
    It was always a good view at halftime in my oppinion.

  9. hammeretteno1x says:

    For some reason West Ham decided to get rid of the all dancing, sexy hammerettes, and replaced them with duller than dishwater ‘models’ to hand out paper and sell 50/50 tickets to the West Ham fans before the game……..
    BRING BACK THE HAMMERETTES – I agree with u, and keep watching Sky Sports for the update on the ‘Hamerettes… where are they now….?’
    All of the girls are doing really well for themselves and dancing at hundreds of sports events both nationally and internationally….. but I know that they are all pining to be back at West Ham – just as the clubs fans are not doubtingly doing themselves……..!
    So log onto, see the allstarzz (formally hammerettes) and do everything in your power to get them back at The Bolyen Ground… coz WE LOVE U! xxxxxxxx

  10. kwilohjim says:

    Hi Iian,

    Was talking with Pete Butler, ex Hammer, he’s been out here in Malaysia teaching soccer to the kids. He mentioned your site so I checked it out. Have a butchers at our site, we have a big following of Hammers here in Malaysia and Sabah.

    Funny about the Hammerettes, we have a Malaysian club member here who says she’s one of the old girls!

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