Eggie Bids £23 million for…

Well, no one can say the Eggmeister has a moth eaten wallet. Apparently we’re upping our bid for Upson to £8 million and have slapped in a £15 million bid for Darren Bent. Wow. Now, if we could just offload Newton, Mullins, Etherington, Boa Morte (yes, I know we have only just bought him, but I’ve seen enough…)


4 Responses to Eggie Bids £23 million for…

  1. Hugh says:

    Oh well, as a season ticket holder at Fulham I can assure you that Boa will have a great game against Arsenal every time. How many games is that for £5m?

    Love Doughty Street, the Mullin interview was the best thing I’ve seen in years.

    Good luck,


  2. Mike says:

    I attended the Brighton, Fulham and now Watford games in the Martens lower. And as you said, what has Boa Morte got to offer? What is also more worrying is that newspaper images of us celebrating goals in the Newcastle and Fulham games, show clearly everyone going mental, and Morte not giving a shit, just strolling. He has strolled during the three games I have seen, looks overweight and unfit. However mate, I completely disagree about Etherington, who is a good player being made a scapegoat. If we sell him to Fulham / Everton, he’ll be awesome. And it’ll just reaffirm once again how clueless Curbishley is. I didnt like his team selection from the moment it was on the screen Saturday. Devoid of any flair and creativity, and yes I do realise that some of this was more than out of his hands. But like yourself, I would also have liked to have seen Noble given another run out, just the sort of player we needed against a physical, determined, yet quality-less Watford side.

    I’m not overly sure they’ll be appointing you as manager too soon though, if you’d like to sell Newton, Boa Morte and Etherington (all of our left sided wingers!) Of which Matty is easily the best and most dangerous player in that position. Would like to see Kyle Reid get a run in the side, as think he’ll be very good, but too much pressure on every game at the moment, and did like it when we had Bowyer back as an option. Newton is diar, and we should have never stuck by him when he sniffed. Best West Ham team at the moment, (with major injuries excluded) would be Green, Neill, Davenport, Collins, Konch, Mullins, Reo-Coker, Ethers, Yossi, Harewood, Tevez. No doubts. Although Ashton would come back into the team / squad when recovered. Meaning that Boa Morte, Bowyer, Carlton, Quashie, Zamora, Teddy can still make up a very good bench.

    Anyway the Liverpool game should be interesting to watch. I’m tempted by the home win at 4’s, as think we’ll continue to beat top teams. But as Liverpool now deffo have a psychological advantage over us, think the draw at 12/5 is a good nap. Whatever price we are at home to Chelsea come when that may though, get on it.

  3. Ian says:

    Iain how sure are you these bids have been made. I need something to raise my spirits, the possibility of signing two quality players may well do the trick. These two players could be our saviour.

  4. David King says:

    Are you being funny? What you saying wow to Darren Bent for? No WAY is he worth that kind of money. And quite frankly you can add Quashie to the list of players to get shot of (Others would be Sheringham, Newton, Dailly, Ferdinand, Reo-Coker, Harewood, Boa Constrictor, Spector, Carrolland Konchesky when we get another decent LB) You are quite correct ,Curbishley hasn’t a clue so get shot of him too. Hate to say I told you so, but could anyone even tell me what formation we played against Watford? Hell if we have a striker problem why not even bring Katan back? He could do no worse than that pathetic “dive” Cole did in the second halk. I was positively cringing with embarrassment.
    I look forward to the Liverpool game totally relaxed as I’m not expecting anything from it. Hopefully the team will look like this
    Tevez-Blanco(preferably Ashton)

    But you know and I know that that isnt going to happen.. Over to you Curbishley because I ain’t paying good money to watch YOUR crap in the Champions League next season

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