Liverpool Preview… Sort of

Apologies for the lack of match preview. I was about to write one and then Lord Levy got himself arrested and my mind was diverted elsewhere. I’m writing this in my seat in the Dr Martens having just been up to meet Bonnie Tyler – got a snog. She’s singing Total Eclipse of the Heart at half time. She recorded a little message for the blog which I will hopefully work out how to upload tomorrow.

Just seen the team. Carroll. Why?!!! After his fumble on Saturday you have to wonder what is happening if Green isn’t in the team.

Other than that, it’s the team I was expecting.

I haven’t got a good feeling about this…


11 Responses to Liverpool Preview… Sort of

  1. Gammarama says:

    West Ham 1-2 Liverpool, uh-oh… talk us through that one…!

  2. Johnny B says:

    What the F… has Lord “Caught with his hands in the New Labour Till” Levy got to do with missing your match preview? In Italy they call it “Tangentopoli. In English it means “Kickbacks” No, not to the goalkeeper… But maybe Tessa’s involved with a few regarding to the new so-called stadium? May Dante Aighlieri help us as regards our so-called Cultural Secretary. As for tonights result…. you could see it coming. It was as transparent as a New Labour “Kickback! Mister -has he resigned from Uefa yet? Magnusson must be a worried chappy. I here he’s going to sell the first team Sauna.

  3. Gordon Broon says:

    Bonnie Tyler, eh..? Never knew you had a thing about Skewen lassies ??

    I remember on my 30th birthday [or near to it] many moons ago I went out for a family meal in a pub in the wilds [and I do mean WILDS] of Wales. There was a ‘Bonnie’ wannabe.

    The voice was grating, and not very much in tune, and she did a version of ‘Holding out for a hero’. But then, to coin Simon Cowell, she ‘picked the wrong song’ and almost literally murdered..’Jolene, Jolene, Jolene..I’m begging of you please don’t take my heart..’.

    Still brings me out in goose pimples, even now..Scary..

  4. Gordon Broon says:

    Johnny B – tangentopoli, sounds a good name for a board game…go to the ‘board’ meeting, big bag of cash, Deal or No Deal ? Sorted…

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Johnny B says:

    Good on ya Gordon Brown!

  7. Rapidhammer says:

    I hadn’t got a very good feeling before the game, but I thought the squad had to prove something after the Watford defeat, and maybe they’d be able to make it three, and win Arsenal, ManU and Liverpool at home… But Bonnie Tyler didn’t help, the new signings didn’t help, the new manager didn’t so far. It is hard to put a positive spin on last night’s defeat, but at least a new striker scored (when will Tevez come back and score his first?) and after that goal they showed some spirit. I still think we can stay up, but the lads have to roll their sleeves up and fight for the cause.
    Has anybody heard of another signing today?

  8. ny hammer says:

    rapid h s comment was spot on- despite not having a good pre-match feeling ,you d have thought the lads wud have something to prove post-watford, especially on TV,and given our success at home against 2 other big clubs . the ability to pull one back leaves me thinking it s not all doom, especially as now we seem to have an additional option upfront,which cud just about make the difference. you can t play both cole and harewood at the same time-playing one , probably cole as his workrate is better ,and blanco, with zamora as cover makes sense. 13 games left is a lifetime. teams that look safe like villa and fulham may look less so in 2 weeks

  9. scarpe says:

    Ich besichtige deinen Aufstellungsort wieder bald fur sicheres!

  10. em hold texas says:

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