Liverpool Reflections

It’s difficult to know where to start on the negatives from this game, so let’s start with the positives.

There were four – Quashie, Reo Coker, Yossi and Kepa Blanco. Quashie and Reo Coker were the only two reasons we weren’t completely overran in the first half. Quashie’s first touch has improved and he and Reo Coker put in real battling performances. Yossi was all over the pitch and although he gave the ball away too much he is getting back to his best. For Kepa Blanco to score within two minutes of his debut was the biggest plus point from this game. But what’s the betting that Curbishley doesn’t start with him on Saturday? He and Bobby looked very sharp, with Bobby doing a great job of holding the ball up, something Cole and Harewood had failed to do for the previous hour.

It was astonishing that we were not behind at half time. Liverpool had not had a single shot on goal despite playing some super football and dominating possession. To their credit, the defence coped reasonably well with them but Carroll looked as shaky as ever. I am not a fan of Carroll’s but I was horrified to hear the crowd stary singing ‘There’s only on Robert Green’. Imagine what that did for Carroll’s confidence. Similarly, the shout of ‘One Alan Pardew’ was hardly appropriate (although I agree with the sentiment behind it).

We only ever looked dangerous when we upped the tempo. If you play at Liverpool’s speed you know what you can expect. The trouble is that Curbishley has sucked the flair from this team. He is clearly not a man motivator.

And now for the marks…

Carroll – 6 – One great save, otherwise shaky and lacking confidence
Dailly – 6 – Distinctly average
Davenport – 7 – Powerful at times. Liked his berating of Carroll. Showed passion and good going forward
Spector – 6 – Unremarkable
McCartney – 6 – Ditto
Boa Morte – 4 – Overweight, lethargic, did nothing down thw wing at all
Quashie – 7 – Strong, sprayed passes, held it all together
Reo Coker – 7 – Rediscovered his passion. Improved as the game went on
Benayoun – 7 – Ran his heart out
Cole – 4 – Crap at holding the ball up. Failed to win headers ad not a single shot
Harewood – 5 – Largely anonymous

Curbishley needs to bring in Mark Noble in place of Boa Morte if all Boa Morte is going to do is play centrally. And on Saturday I hope he starts with Zamora and Blanco up front.


7 Responses to Liverpool Reflections

  1. Gordon Broon says:

    As Bonnie might say, ‘It’s a heartache, nothing but a fool’s game..’

  2. Gordon Broon says:

    Who is this ‘macaroni’ ? Or is it ‘macarena’ ? Going to Liverpool ?

  3. Neville says:

    Mascherano is going to Liverpool- subject to clearance from the Premier league.

    As usual we sucked- still, at least we got Eggy’s millions when we go down ;o)

  4. Dot Cotton says:

    I’m not quite sure how you could give the same score to Quashie as Reo-Coker. I have to admit I thought R-C was awesome for us and really wanted to push forward with the ball. Quashie on the other hand is a very average player. He is not the ‘hard man’ we were looking for and only seems able to pass the ball back to defence or sideways.

    Davenport was also at fault in the build up to the first goal and didn’t make much effort to put in a last ditch tackle for the second. What the goals again and you’ll see what I mean.

    I hope he come good and I think Davenport will be helped by the signing of Upson.

    Boa Morte is awful, terrible player for £5M.

  5. Dot Cotton says:

    Put it this way, my spelling ability and poor grasp of the english language is on a par with Boa Morte’s playing skills.

  6. Keith R says:

    I was impressed by NRC’s composure after Alonso got yellow-carded for dragging NRC by his shirt collar: Very diplomatically handled, Nigel …a pleasure to see good sportsmanship – arguably moreso having been yellow-carded earlier in the game

  7. Rapidhammer says:

    “Curbishley has sucked the flair from the team”, you said. But the flair was already gone when they lost eight in a row last autumn.

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