Luis Boa Deadweight

It is sometimes best to write about a match the day after it to avoid unnecessary hyperbole and swearing. But f*** me, is there a worse player in the Premiership than Luis Boa f***ing Morte? I wasn’t impressed when we signed him, and I am even less so now.For a left winger he seems to spend remarkably little time on the wing, leaving to to George McCartney to get to the byline. McCartney may be many things, but a winger he ain’t. Boa Morte does not compensate for Etherington’s weaknesses and provides none of his strengths. And to think we paid £5 million for him and Matty may be sold today for less than half that is some sort of sick joke.


4 Responses to Luis Boa Deadweight

  1. phil fenton says:

    He looks like he’s overweight and unfit although I must admit I thought he was a good player at Fulham. Also his dead ball delivery is almost as bad as Yossi’s.
    There were some positive’s from yesterday though – NRC was back to his best , the new guy looks good and linked up well with Zamora and we never gave up. Having said that, unfortunately I think were doomed.

  2. Neville says:

    Boa Morte is a far better player than most of the Hammers side put together. Give him a chance to prove himself. he’s got the experience the team desperately needs right now

  3. David King says:

    We havent got time to give him a chance and quite frankly I wouldn’t bother We had no width against ‘Pool OR Watford and Matty is 10 times the player Boa will ever be. And now somwhere else on this blog its being said that Quashie had a good game. Well its not saying much for the rest of the team is it?

  4. Mike says:

    Finally, Matty gets the credit he deserves. Etherington has very few weaknesses and is a very, very dangerous player. Curbs is a t**t.

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