Cass Pennant Reads This Blog

By the way, Cass Pennant reads this blog. Just thought you’d want to know. Just in case you thought of slagging it off. Best not.

PS. How do I know this? The nice Viv at the Newham Bookshop told me yesterday just before the Liverpool game. Always worth a visit. Just on the corner of Barking Road and Green Street. Great selection of Hammers books. There, happy Viv?!


3 Responses to Cass Pennant Reads This Blog

  1. dennis white says:

    Hi ian i have been trying to get hold of cas for anumber of years now we first mat back in 73 then we wrote a few letters which i still have and i know he would wish returned also it would just be nice to get in contact again so if you would be so kind and forward my email it would be greatly apriciated cheers

  2. death don t have no mercy says:

    cass wouldn t hurt a fly, nor break the law in the process ,now , would he?

  3. Just watched Cass very sad the ignorance of people here in England. Pleased he turned his life around good luck m8. Anth. Sunderland.

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