Thank You For Visiting

I started this blog only 25 days ago. Since then 22,311 of you have visited, almost 1,000 a day. I’ve posted 76 times, an average of three a day. I have to admit that when I started the blog in the aftermath of the Brighton game I thought it might attract 100 a day at most. So thanks for visiting and I hope it will get even better in February. Perhaps in a few months it will rival my OTHER BLOG, which got 171,980 unique visitors this month. But then again, it might not.

If you have any tips for me as to what you would like to see more of, or less of, please do leave a comment.


9 Responses to Thank You For Visiting

  1. Connor says:

    Well done mate, keep it up 😀

  2. Lewis says:

    You’re a legend Ian. You were a legend before you started this blog, but now, well.. keep it up!

  3. AmericanHammer says:

    Well done with this blog. It seems that most of the people here are interested in having football discussions unlike so many of the other sites I’ve seen. This is a nice forum for fans to discuss and share their suffering. I remain hopeful in my heart for our survival. If we can get some good balls in I see Blanco as a great asset in the box. And I think Tevez will supply a few of those balls as well as finally get on the score sheet when he returns. He was just starting to look settled and dangerous when he went down injured. Last point – I’d dearly love to know what really happened with Mascherano. I watched him in the World Cup and this lad can play. On the surface this seems a disgraceful waste on our part and I’d like to believe there was some reason he was not given a chance over some of the poor quality we have had on display this year. Keep up the good work Iain. You have a fan here in the States.

  4. Lee Mason says:

    love the site, although i dont know how i stumbled upon it and have never heard of you before! I do however share your love for West Ham and was impressed by your breaking of the Davenport transfer.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Keith R says:

    Thanks for the lucid and candid appraisals, etc, on a red-hot and quality site, Ian. How long before those keen to carry-on with effing and blinding come in and spoil what is currently a very good second best to a chat with other Hammers fans on the terrace or down the pub.

  6. Matt says:

    Well done on the site, Iain. Like Keith says, I just hope we can keep the idiots off here. It’s nice to see a level of debate that gets above school playground level.

  7. David King says:

    Good site Ian which has inspired me to start my own blog. Like other opinions here lets hope we can keep the morons away and keep discussions reasonably clean. But Hey..everyone of us are managers at some point arent we, so a bit of a ding dong isnt the end of it all. Lets keep it rolling mate.

  8. alanalandevonshire says:

    enjoying reading your blog everyday mate, and hopefully this time next year we’ll all be talking about europe and long cup runs rather than doom, gloom and (hopefully avoiding) relegation.

  9. SB says:

    Congrats on your great start – I really enjoy your thoughts. For me, I love tangible assessments, i.e., player ratings. I would encourage you to continue that and do a player review at season’s end. Love to see a review of the squad from the financial end over time as well, if that’s even possible. Where’s the money been spent and what’s been the return (or even just going forward next year). Thanks and good luck.

    I’m a bit of a pessimist on staying up. I think one could easily and reasonably argue that there was enough EPL-caliber quality here (esp with Ashton), but an improved intensity/attitude, rather than the likes of Upson, Neill, Boa Morte, etc, was required. It seems Curbishley would have accomplished that fix early on if he (or this specific squad) was capable of it. Too late? Maybe – I think this is a bad week to play at Villa.

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