What’s Our Best Starting Eleven?

It’s a sad day. No more transfer rumours to gossip about until May. What on earth will I talk about on this blog now?! I’m sure I’ll think of something…

The signing of Matthew Upson is a good one. Sure we paid over the odds, but he is an England international after all. He ought to be the first name on the teamsheet for the rest of the season. I reckon Anton and Danny are going to have a tough time getting back in. It certainly puts the pressure on Calum Davenport to perform.

It’s a little odd that no players were offloaded. Or have I missed something? We now have such a huge squad that it will be impossible to keep them all happy.

For what it is worth, this is what I reckon our strongest starting lineup is.

Robert Green
Lucas Neill
Paul Konchesky
Matthew Upson
Danny Gabbidon
Yossi Benayoun
Nigel Reo Coker
Mark Noble
Lee Bowyer
Carlos Tevez
Dean Ashton

However, more importantly this is probably Curbishley’s first choice

Roy Carroll
Lucas Neill
George McCartney
Matthew Upson
Calum Davenport
Nigel Quashie
Luis Boa Morte
Nigel Reo Coker
Yossi Benayoun
Dean Ashton
Marlon Harewood

What do you reckon?


14 Responses to What’s Our Best Starting Eleven?

  1. Hugh McQ says:

    It’s well known that if your face doesn’t fit with Curbs, you won’t get a game, despite how good you are. Step forward Konchesky, Mullins, Green et al.

  2. David King says:

    I agree with your line up but I’d have Mullins for Noble. And I also am a bit bemused that nobody was offloaded apart form that World Class player who couldnt even get on the bench. Maybe its a wakeup call to the players that they arent wanted that highly after all? And whats Green ever done to upset Curbishley?

    PS Bored silly sitting here with this flubug and started a blog of my own. Please have a look

  3. Lee Mason says:

    i live in Woking (the home town of Robert Green) and used to play in the same football team. Although i can not claim to still know him, a few of my friends are still in touch.

    He has told them about his discussions with Curbs following the defeat at Reading. He was called into the office and informed that he is not loud, commanding or dominant enough in the penalty area, as aresult the defence are not confident playing in front of him. Apparently Curbishley felt that Carrol, with far more experience, would be better suited to organise the back four and bark orders to the defence.

    There was no massive falling out and the feeling was that once Curbs had some leaders in the back four, Green would be given another chance. Hopefully the addition of Upson and Neil is enough.

  4. Joey Boy says:

    I am deeply saddened by the loss of Mascherano. I cant help but feel that this just highlights what a two bob outfit we are. After the cup final I firmly believed we were on the way. Sure we may have a sticky season but the future was bright. However, the fact that Mullins/Reo/Quashie(!!) got picked over Javier shows we cant deal with world talents. Just look at how Tevez has been underused.

    Upson is a great signing but Im afraid I have given up hope this year.

    A broken Hammer.

  5. Kappacino Kid says:

    Curbs is ultra conservative and will always play grafters and utility players over those with flair. If he can get you lot all pulling together then you’ll survive, but if he has created discord and resentment (bringing in a half decent defender on £60k a week and paying over the odds for Upson) you’ll be back in the Championship. 17th place is going to be between you and Charlton, the Valley will be the place to be on the 24th, it could be the decider. Oh if you don’t like Spector thats tough, cause his daughter fancies him and you don’t upset daughters.

  6. stewart1hammer says:

    so, Mascherano played in one of the best defences in the world cup but pardew and curbishly still think that mullins / quashie etc are better players. if we stay up would you bet against him and liverpool making us suffer next time round.

  7. thehealer31 says:

    As a neutral observer I am still in disbelief that West Ham got rid of Mascherano. Who is next? Tevez?

  8. Footblogger says:

    I can’t believe Bowyer’s in your first choice XI. He was awful the last time he was here,. and has been awful this season. If we’re to have any hope of surviving, we need to start getting service from the wings, and for me that means Etherington (who’s also looked poor at times this year, but still has the pace and ability to beat players) and Benayoun. LBM looks a complete waste of cash.


  9. Ian the Hammer says:

    Agree with your line up except for Etherington’s omission. Everything came down our left side last season & until Boa Morte starts rampaging up & down, over lapping with Konc, I think we need him in the side. We MUST stick with Tevez as he’s probably our only flair player at the club (except for Yossi) & as for the mascherano debacle, well we had better have said he’s not allowed to play against us (if we’re still in the same div) or we’re in trouble. I watch Argentina as often as possible (don’t worry, I’ve had plenty of stick over the years, but became a supporter at the age of 12 watching the ’78 world cup) & mascherano is better than Tevez & it’s unbelievable how we’ve balls this up.

  10. Danny says:

    this is what i would have in def O’neil,Davenport,Aton,Upsom that will be a def no one could beat i would star Kepa and Tvez up font if ac want to win this one and please dont stick with Harewood please he is a distgase to westham and i think some of them players dont decerve to wear a westham shirt.

  11. ny hammer says:

    just because mascherano is an argentine international ,doesn t mean he was appropriate for west ham or any other Premiership club. his arrival clearly tampered with the chemistry of the side , and although may possess some skill ,he looks nowhere near ready to achieve anything in the Premiership. He may look better at liverpool, but who wouldn t look better surrounded by 10 other players from a top 3 club. my abiding memory of this player was the way he reacted at white hart lane ,when defoe lashed out him. defoe acted like an immature idiot, but mascherano s play-acting was a disgrace , and reflected really poorly on west ham, where diving and play-acting traditionally are not appreciated. on the point of players not being sold, it is shocking, but perhaps there is a method to the madness. for a start it gives us cover if injuries and suspensions crop up again. secondly , it keeps competition for places, so that nobody has agid-given right to be in the side. and that includes luis boa morte.
    i d have thought etherington,bowyer ,mullins and noble wud have no place in the side, but if boa morte doesnt improve his form, 5 million pounds or not, he will find his arse sitting on the bench. long long way to go yet, even though it sbeen grim so far.

  12. duncanio says:

    No one has been offloaded because we dont need the cash and because most of our existing players have clauses in their contracts saying that if they are relegated then they will take a paycut (thats what I understand), therefore they will be affordable to have as players in the championship, its a backup plan in case we get relegated as far as I know.

  13. perplexed says:

    Why won’t he give konchesky a game?

  14. Danny says:

    because they had a barney when he was at charlton i think every one should hold a board up showing what players we want on the pitch as it might refresh his head that Trevez is beta than Zomara and Kepa much beta than Hairwood so in cole i say play the 3 up font and Sack Hairwood and bring back Hogan. we need Goals so let Ac know about it

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