Villa Preview

For some strange reason I feel optimistic about this afternoon. Maybe it’s because I’m in Devon, the sun is shining and God is in her heaven (as Gyles Brandreth used to say on a radio show I used to do with him on LBC…). But I digress. Villa are going through a bad patch – they also have new players to integrate (Carew and Young) and we often get a result there. I remember going there in the mid 1990s and seeing us win. If I remember rightly John Moncur hit a screamer. I was sitting among Villa fans and couldn’t help myself. Luckily I didn;t get lynched. Here’s how I expect us to line up…

Carroll, Upson, Davenport, McCartney, Spector, Benayoun, Reo Coker, Boa Morte, Quashie, Zamora, Harewood

I’d like to see Boa Morte and Carroll replaced but I’m sure it won’t happen. You might also expect to see Kepa Blanco start but it seems he hasn’t played much for a month and is not fully fit, so I expect he’ll make another sub appearance.

Prediction: a narrow win for us. I’ll go and lie down now.


13 Responses to Villa Preview

  1. Damien says:

    Great Work by Upson to get injured 😦

  2. Bob Piper says:

    Your football predictions are as batty as your political ones.

  3. Spooky says:

    Sounds like West Ham decided to go for it in the final 5 minutes. Watford and Charlton up next. But dont worry, we (spurs) will give you 3 points at Upton Park. Its what we do.

  4. Johnny B says:

    That’s a bit rich Mr Piper… using adjectives like: Batty. Where did you learn to write like that with so much… do you by chance know german?

  5. US Hammer says:

    Well, my initial instinct is to begin panic. Today against Aston Villa we didn’t have ideas, we didn’t go after that extra inch to get the ball and we had too many individual efforts that fell short. But the worst part for me is that Curbishley had no idea what to do. In fact, his substitution of Kepa instead of Zamora was our deathnell. Harewood came on to do what I thought he’d do if he had started. Problem was he needed Kepa, the only one making any threat to the goal, with him. He put Matty on to create some crosses and took the one man off that could take advantage of them. Both Harewood and Matty were good subs but we lost some of that gain without Kepa to take advantage. Zamora worked hard, he always does, but he created nothing. If Alan doesn’t know what to do we are in trouble. He doesn’t have any idea and that, ultimately, is why we have to be in the most danger we have been in. Losing Upson is just fate giving us a kick. What are the odds we lose the two defenders brought in to build a foundation on in their debuts. I won’t give up, but I am more concerned now than I have been. Our leader doesn’t pick a team to attack and win. Until he does, we won’t win.

  6. Bob Piper says:

    ….”Where did you learn to write like that with so much…”

    No, but unlike you I try to have a stab at English.

  7. Oh dear Iain. West Ham, Charlton & Watford for the drop?

    (Who on earth is Bob Piper?)

  8. Connor says:

    Thanks Wigan :@

  9. Connor says:

    Seriously, why doesn’t Curbishley give Mascherano a go in CM? Even thought he is most probarly moving to Liverpool, he’ll do a bloody better job than Dailly.

  10. Connor says:

    Center back Sorry, not CM** :S:S

  11. gary p says:

    though i cant blame curbishley for trying zamora and blanco as a duo,after the goal against liverpool, it s clear now that one or the other should be on the pitch at the same time,not both. zamora and blanco seem too similar in style,as do cole and harewood. as dire as it seems at the moment, i see a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. first,despite spending big money on boa, etherington looks the better choice as a starter. perhaps boa morte can come on as a sub at times and do a job. a very expensive sub i know, but regardless of the 5 million he cost ,if boa s not getting the job done, he should not start. period. secondly,with 12 games left to go ,it should be clear to curbishley now that it s either harewood or cole upfront ,probably the former provided his work rate is good enough, coupled blanco . zamora can come on as a sub as he did against liverpool. apart from all the injuries , a big issue has been curbishley taking too long to figure out who his best AVAILABLE 11 is at the time…

  12. Russ B says:

    I went to this game. A 5/6 hour round-trip on the train. The only thing I cam away with was the realisation (despite numerous warnings on this blog) that Boa Morte is THE BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY I HAVE EVER SEEN.

    He plays on the wing, yet you wouldn’t know that from his position on the field. He gave the ball away at every possible opportunity. And I have never seen anyone change a game so dramatically by being subbed off. Matty Etherington came on and turned the game around, until his arrival we looked consigned to the releagation scrap heap.

    Luis – if you’re out there – lose some weight and stick to your position you useless b*stard. Oh and, if at all possible, do what every other player we have signed has done and pick up an injury that’ll keep you out for a few games.

  13. malcolm driver says:

    why o why cannot we show as mutch passion the whole game as we did in the last 10mins?

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