The Olympic Stadium Fallout

Although the club have said we will not be moving to the Olympic Stadium, I am not sure we have heard the last of this. A 25,000 athletics stadium will be a complete white elephant. I wouldn’t mind betting that within the next twelve months the Government will come back to Eggert Magnusson saying that they have had a rethink, and look, this is how it could work. Magnusson seems determined that we should move out of Upton Park. I suppose we have to view these things without sentiment, but I have to admit I would take a lot of persuading that this was a good idea.


5 Responses to The Olympic Stadium Fallout

  1. Johnny B says:

    So would I!!

  2. Big George says:

    The prosped site next to West Ham tube doesn’t look to bad. Eggy wants a 60,000 stadium and that’s not going to happen on Green Street

  3. Hammer Hater says:

    I am baffled as to how a state of the art stadium can be built to accommodate 80,000 spectators for barely two weeks and for the rest of its life cater for less than two thirds of this figure.

    Is this because the local NIMBYs (the brown rats who inhabit the toxic wasteland) oppose planning permission for a car park?

  4. Down to bare bones says:

    The old Parcel Force site would be a good choice. Plenty of space and with rail connections to District, Jubilee and overground. Just as good a location as Stratford.

    The decision by the Olympic comitte may be a blessing in disguise for The Egg.

    Even now it looks like it could be one almighty cock up.

  5. US Hammer says:

    As the mist lifts upon the beaches of Upton Park, brave warriors clad in their claret and blue step forward against ever mounting odds to battle for the survival of our nation. Never in the course of human events…sorry, got carried away a bit. Still, for West Ham Nation (apologies to the Boston Red Sox of whom I’m also a fan) it’s all the same this match. This could very well be that moment in history where we see the revival begin or a vision of the end. And as rumours swirl that Green will return to the squad and that Tevez, Ferdinand and Neill may be available, I can’t help but get excited about the match. With so much riding on this how can we not be “fired up”! My mood swings from day to day but I can’t give up on this club. I saw one report that Curbs might go with Zamora and Harewood up front. Another said Tevez will start. It’s always fun watching the media try to generate a story from nothing. Sadly, it looks like a TV shutout here in the States. I believe this will be the first EPL match that hasn’t at least been broadcast delayed on Fox or Sentata.

    Likely 11 if fit: Green, Spector, Neill, Ferdinand, McCartney, Benayoun, Quashie, Reo-Coker, Boa Morte, Tevez, Harewood. I’d like to see Pantsil get another crack at right back. My preference up front would be Tevez and Kepa. I’d like to see how this would work out. But if Tevez isn’t fit I would hope Curbs tries Kepa with Harewood instead of Zamora.

    Three point required lads. Make it so!!

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