Arsenal FC: An Apology

In the past, and in common with many other supporters of a certain East End football club, I have seen Arsenal Football Club as the enemy. Your very name provoked vicious outpourings of hatred. Ten minutes ago you had committed the ultimate sin and contrived to lose to Wigan. I was shouting at my television along the lines of “Arsene Wenger, you’re a ******* ******”. One minute ago I realised I was wrong. By beating Wigan 2-1, coming back from 1-0 down with ten minutes to go, you are our potential saviours. I would like to personally apologise for every word I have said about your august Club and its fine players. I thank you.


13 Responses to Arsenal FC: An Apology

  1. Peter from Putney says:


  2. Gordon Broon says:

    Yes, but I need hardly remind you that Wigan are 5 points ahead of you and still have a game in hand. And Sheffield are double-digits ahead of you.

    Don’t count those chickens just yet..

  3. Ian the Hammers says:

    Have also just sent a text to my gooner mate thanking the arse for there win, a demoralizing defeat for wigan, but. we are so poor, with a manager who is quite clearly way out of his depth that I do believe it’s too late. I honestly cannot see us winning another game this season. I’m very down, the kids have been kicked more than normal this weekend

  4. Al Dee says:

    Praise the Lord For Arsenal!! Still hate Tottenham though….

  5. Aitch says:

    The last time we were relegated bloody Arsenal lost to Bolton and, despite us playing good football we were relegated with the highest points and Bolton stayed up. Perhaps this year Arsenal beating Wigan (though they certainly did not deserve to do so), we may just stay up with the lowest number of points ever and playing the worst football and Wigan will go down.

    Straws clutching at! Typical Tory, Iain, changing your views when the situation suits.

  6. Alan Pardew says:

    Wake up and smell the coffee. We will not be the premiership next season.

  7. Richard says:

    You cock

  8. Bel says:

    But don’t you get tired of depending on other teams’ results for your survival or even progress?

  9. sanityforsale says:

    we will need the love of god to keep us up this season. I will be praying!

  10. localboy...wnc says:

    hammers fan…..since beasley,…redknapp,…sealy,….look,…………..eggy cant buy me love,…………..after all ,……,there was only one alan pardew…………he’s a good guy,……blind loyalty DOES NOT WORK,………..

  11. ny hammer says:

    bel s comment is spot on- the need to depend on other teams results says it all. the shame of it from a hammer s point of view is that the failure is not down to lack of skill or quality. there is quality in the side ,all over the park. but what s lacking is fight and character, which this group of players has proven they sorely lack. there s no difference in quality bewteen the players of clubs like man city,fulham and sheffield united ,and the players of west ham. the difference is that the players on these other clubs give 100 percent almost all the time ,and have inspired managers who demand full commitment evey time. it wud be easier to take west ham s failure if it was down to a lack of talent,such as sunderland last year.but that s not the case. whats galling is that it is strictly down to a lack of character. and if u lack character you ve got no business being in the premiership ,even if u have skill. period. end of.

  12. Rapidhammer says:

    There’s a desperate feeling
    Submitted by Rapidhammer on 13 February, 2007 – 07:56.
    In football it’s all about confidence.
    There’s a desperate feeling at the club. Have a look at the picture you can find on the official web site: “Curbs hoping for lift-off at Charlton”.
    Our manager is looking so sad and desperate, I can’t believe they put this picture on the website!
    We gotta get out of it, the players gotta get out of it and the manager gotta get out of it. – Ac, you must show confidence, that’s what everybody needs. Then the ‘three-pointers’ will come. Show some passion, please!!!

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  13. Hey Iain, it looks as if we’re going to cross swords next season in the Championship. But of course, just in case we’re not promoted to the Premiership. I’m looking forward to blowing bubbles in the Upton Park. I’ve never been there before, so we could meet up and go for a drink 🙂

    Colchester United: Blue and White Forever!

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