Top Ten Reasons You Know When Things Are Bad at West Ham

1. Javier Mascherano recalled from Liverpool
2. Eggert Magnusson replaces the Biscuit Tin with Factory rejects
3. Alan Curbishley says “three points are not enough”
4. Trevor Brooking prepares to save the club again
5. Roeder tells West Ham: “Come and get me”
6. Curbishley actually gives Mark Noble a game
7. Jimmy Walker replaces Robert Green in goal
8. Marlon Harewood can be arsed to head the ball
9. Nigel Quashie is dropped
10. Curbishley says to Konchesky: “I’m playing you on Saturday”


4 Responses to Top Ten Reasons You Know When Things Are Bad at West Ham

  1. Neville says:

    Things have got so bad at Upton Park that relegation is only a few games away. We now have to go to Charlton, with our ex-boss Alan Pardew as their leader-in-chief. He’s been waiting to get back at us for getting rid of him, and I’m very worried that Curbishley would have to consider walking out if we lose again. Who would seriously come to West Ham in this sort of corrosive atmosphere? We’ve had bad times before, but this has been the worst in all my time supporting the Hammers.

  2. Down to bare bones says:

    Best thing all round is for Curbishley to come out and say the dreaded words ‘we are relegated’. Boothroyd did it and although watford are as big a pile of crap as us they at least give it a go.
    The players we have, apart from Beni and Teves ,do not want to take any responsibility and therefore do not want the ball. As soon as they receive a pass they just want to get rid of it.

    They have shown they just aint up for the fight and can’t play under this pressure.

    You cant blame Curbishley for the state we are in. He IS a good manager and I am sure he will be able to put together a side that will win promotion and with a few good additions be able to stay in the prem.

  3. Danny says:

    We should ask Trevor Borking as Manager as he was great

  4. bas gardner says:

    Curbishley a good manager ? He never was and never will be,we are doomed with that moron in charge.

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