Watford Reflections

Yesterday was a truly shite day. I had to make a political speech in the morning which went very badly, then I got stuck in traffic ourside Twickenham as I had forgotten the rugby was on. While stuck in traffic I nearly ran out of petrol. I just made it to a garage as the car started to splutter. Got to Upton Park at 2.25 after a hair-raising drive through London. So I really knew that the writing was on the wall for us. What I didn’t bargain for was that the writing would be in such large print!

When Watford’s penalty was awarded I truly thought Wiley had given a goal kick. Error Number one. And it went downhill from there. There wasn’t a single flash of inspiration from anyone in the first half. The defence looked all over the place, with Calum Davenport resembling a ballerina on ice who hadn’t brought her shoes along. Lucas Neill looked half a stone overweight before he went off and Anton just ambled about like a thoroughbread race horse looking for a mare to shag.

The midfield were better, with Yossi always looking a potential threat. In the second half he went on several mazy runs which deserved better than they received – which was zero. Nigel Reo Coker was at times powerful in midfield and Matthew Etherington, although hahazed, showed signs he is getting back to form. Quashie was also better in the second half with some tough tackled and a couple of long range shots.

Up front in the first half we were as bad as I have seen all season. But I would have taken Harewood off rather than Zamora. At least Carlos would have then taken the penalty and become the hero of Upton Park. His play was superb in the second half, always threatening and always dangerous. But he played too deep, a subject I will return to tomorrow.

Yesterday was the first time I have really looked into the abyss. The points gap now is getting very wide indeed. I still think Wigan are in danger, but you’d have to say that barring a catastrophic loss of form, all the teams above them look relatively safe. Anyway, here are the scores on the doors from yesterday.

Green 7
Neill 5 sub Spector 5
Ferdinand 5
Davenport 5
McCartney 6
Reo Coker 7
Quashie 6
Benayoun 8
Etherington 6
Harewood 4
Zamora 5
Tevez 8
Boa Morte (sub) 5


10 Responses to Watford Reflections

  1. MOORO says:

    I was there yesterday and to be quite honest i thought we looked far more solid at the back than we have in recent games. Green never had a meaninfful save to make throughout the 90 mins.
    However, we looked very nervous in the first half and apart from the odd half chance didn’t create much, as a result the crowd got on the players back a bit which i feel never helps. I was sitting in the East stand and had a perfect view of the Watford penalty. The linesman was 2 yards away – he gave nothing it was never a penalty but thats been our luck this season.
    Second half was completely different – Tevez lifted the crowd and his team mates. We began to play some good football, forced Watford onto the back foot. Then came the penalty miss! We then huffed and puffed with time running out.
    I’m dissapointed with our performences this season, but i never boo the players, join in with negative chants and above all have never left a West Ham game early in over 35 years as a supporter and I’m not about to start now.
    I still have a feeling that we’ll sneak into that 4th from bottom spot come the seasons end, however mad that may seem at this moment in time. But I for one will always keep the faith no matter what.

  2. Neville says:

    I saw the highlights on “Match of the Day”, and to be honest, when a team like West Ham cannot beat Watford, we are in some serious sh*t. No matter how many times Curbishley tries to change the formation of the team, the effect has been the same. Poor performances week after week leading to defeat after defeat. The Watford game may have been the last strwa for many fans, but I’ll always support the Hammers, through thick and thin, come rain or shine. One day, we will get out of this. The situation may be bad now, but there’s always some light at the end of the tunnel…AS IF!

  3. Mark says:

    Both were penalties.

    You guys had a lot of the ball but looked clueless and had limited idea as to creating chances.

    We held on and now that is twice at Upton which suggests both of us will be in the Championship.


  4. Gordon Broon says:

    Forgot the rugby was on !! Oh, you footy boys make me laugh !!

  5. US Hammer says:

    I’ve yet to write anything pithy on my own blog as I’m angry and at a loss for words. But I, too, cannot give up despite the fact that I stomped about the house yesterday roundly condeming overpaid players in general and ours in particular. My wrath extend from footie to the various American sports I support until I was in a right snit. Such is the depth of my passion for West Ham. All of us in West Ham nation are in for a difficult time but we must stand together. Hopefully some of that unity and passion will rub off on the lads. Hang in there.

  6. ny hammer says:

    i think the point about leaving harewood on and taking zamora off is a good one- zamora created several chances, looked lively in general . obviously had zamora been left in as opposed to harewood,we d have had a different penalty-taker. another in a catlogue of poor selection decisions by curbishley. even with harewood s penalty miss ,we still created enough chnaces to not only nic a draw ,but win it. watford created little in open play ,but looked a threat from corners . i d thrown the towel in, but asrenal coming back to win 2-1 cud just be that little piece of luck that turns things around. if watford win at home feb 21, and you almost have to fancy them to be wigan in this situation, then it s game on again. the game in hand that wigan have had suddenly disappears ,and wigan no longer have that security blanket. i get the sense wigan cud really bottle it in the last 11 games. the question is can we take advantage of that by winning enough games. the common sense part of me says no, but with 2 weeks to let injured players heal, we re getting closer abd closer to a return for ashton,bowyer ,gabbidon and upson, which cud change the picture. here s a wild card- what about playing gabbidon at left back instead of mcartney…

  7. Aitch says:

    I don’t have any expectation of us staying up and from the look of the players on Saturday neither do they. They are completely shot of all confidence but, worse than that, they do not have a clue as to what they are supposed to be doing on the field.

    Curbishley seems not to have a clue – he talks about them needing confidence and then delivers post match interviews in a bland, dispassionate tone. He can’t keep blaming previous regimes and personalities and how does he not know who the penalty taker is – ‘Harewood is apparently the penalty taker’ You’re the manager Curbishley so I would suggest you find out this week, pronto, who you think should be taking penalties – not that we are likely to be awarded another one this season.

    He should be advising his free kick takers (that’s if he knows who they are) not to try planting the ball on Harewood’s head as despite having the largest forehead in British football he has the heading ability of a hamster.

    We are down, we deserve to be down. Possibly Magnusson was right to get rid of Pardew whose ego and testosterone obviously got the better of him and caused him to lose the dressing room. But in those circumstances what was needed was not a ‘cool head’ but a ‘big heart’ and that is not Curbishley.

  8. ny hammer says:

    Aitch made a number of good points. we deserve to be down because we lack charcater.we ve had many opportunities to pick up points in recent weeks and close the gap with wigan,but we ve not done it. the body language of the players on the pitch is that of failure. how true it is that we need a spirited,animated manager ,not a lost soul like curbishley who persists in blaming the previous regime. the icing on the cake is the comment on who takes penalties. if curbishley didnt know prior to the watford match who would be best suited to take penalties, then alan curbishley and his sidekick is not fit to wear the shirt. Bring on Stuart Pearce ,or someone in that mold, next season ,whether it s in the division below ,as looks certain,or otherwise. curbishley was not fit to steer us clear of relegation, and he s not fit to get us promoted from the championship either. the man embodies negativity and serves west ham no purpose in continuing at the club.

  9. Rapidhammer says:

    Look at the picture you can find on the official web site: “Curbs hoping for lift-off at Charlton”. http://www.whufc.com/articles/article.php?page_id=8768
    I couldn’t believe they put this picture on the website!
    In football it’s all about confidence. There’s a desperate feeling at the club. We gotta get out of it, the players gotta get out of it and especially the manager gotta get out of it.
    AC, you must show confidence, that’s what everybody needs. Then the ‘three-pointers’ will come. Show some passion, please!!!

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